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Toughen Up.

I feel like I need to follow up my Diets Suck post w/ some clarification.  I don’t want to give you all a pass to think “Yea I’m just gonna live my life and eat what I want screw diets… YOLO!!” Eating well does … Continue reading

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Two Days No Red Wine!!!

Holy feat for me. Seriously. Lately I’ve been a winosaurous rex. I justify it in my head;  my great-grandfather Nuno lived until 93 and had a glass of red wine every night with dinner, clearly its in my genes, so I should too. … Continue reading

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Diets suck.Period.

I’m gonna go ahead and say my relationship with food went sour around the age of 8-10. It was around that time that my Pediatrician told my mom I needed to go on a diet. Now I know the old asshole intelligent MD … Continue reading

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The S*#@ is Bananas…..

Bananas get a bad rap because they are super high in sugar. That s*&% IS bananas. Bananas are GREAT for you. Unless you’re trying to get into some crazy sculpted fitness competition  then I see nothing wrong with indulging in some … Continue reading

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Turkey Detox

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!! I certainly did! Nothing’s better than spanning time with family, friends and food. I absolutely love the holidays! This was KFIT’s second year participating in a Thanksgiving morning road race. We had a … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You About Self Control

So my friend Tina recently introduced me to Starbucks. I know, welcome to 20ALMOST13,  right?? I’m always running after the bandwagon, myspace, facebook, instagram, leggings, jeggings flat boots, high boots. Its seems like just when I get on, it becomes dated. … Continue reading

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I <3 Turkey Bacon

OK, who’s upset about the hostess bankruptcy??  Well I am!! I’m thinking if people don’t have Twinkies and cinn-a-buns and debi- who-who, yo-yo’s and whatever the hell…KFIT may be out of business too!! Nah..I kid, I kid! I’m happy to hear the insulin spiking devils are out of biz. … Continue reading

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Tea Bags For Everyone!!

Well, if that went right over your head then great! If not, shame on you! I stocked up on some tea at Roche Brothers. They had a whole bunch of flavors on sale. I have had the vanilla caramel in … Continue reading

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Chicken Parm

Yolo! Ok, work in progress. I need to up my presentation a bit but any who, this is a delightful easy dinner for you ladies. Ingredients: chicken breast egg white almond meal grated parm cheese cracked pepper Italian seasonings spaghetti squash low … Continue reading

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