Let Me Tell You About Self Control

So my friend Tina recently introduced me to Starbucks. I know, welcome to 20ALMOST13,  right?? I’m always running after the bandwagon, myspace, facebook, instagram, leggings, jeggings flat boots, high boots. Its seems like just when I get on, it becomes dated.  I was told blogging is out and vlogging (video logging) is the new hit. Well screw that noise. Anyway, back to my story. So me and Starbucks have become pretty good friends. Skinny latte, Oh you are good Starbucks marketing team! Go ahead and toss the word skinny in it and I’m in! Even though I know deep down it is sooo not good for me. But we remain $5 a day friends! I mean really? The guilt, i feel like I’m buying crack in a motel room every time I step in that freakin coffee house (it’s been 2 weeks). So today, on my way to Roche Brothers for a food shop, I had a full blown convo of how I would not purchase a Latte.  It is stupidly pricey and I know there’s sugar in that god damn peppermint mocha SKINNY latte. So I would walk by and stick w/ a delightful tea when I got home. I walked right up through those automatic doors..hold up, can we just talk about automatic doors? Do you ever walk up to one that is broken and for a split second you just stand in front of it like what the hell I forgot how to open a door….it’s embarrassing isn’t it? Any whoodilly, I walk through the working doors AND right into Starbucks to order a $5 SKINNY gingerbread Latte. But its the last time, I swear:) Some times self-control is not being in control. Make sense…. of course not. For me the more I try to be in control and avoid things, the more my crazy little brain tells me to get them. Sometimes its more of a compromise. Like maybe I will treat myself to a big fat skinny latte 1-2 x/week instead? Baby steps.

Dinner last night was a homemade turkey burger (scallions, salt, pepper, garlic, red pepper flakes) over a gigungo salad. I got so carried away with my presentation, I didn’t realize the size. I barely got through 1/2 of it! Toppings included:

  • quinoa
  • tomato
  • cucs
  • swiss cheese
  • turkey baconnnn
  • avocado
  • balsamic dressing
  • tiny bit of chopped walnuts

Breakfast consisted of a new favorite creation-Protein Oatmeal.

  • Package of quick oats w/ flax-seed
  • 1 T walnuts
  • apple
  •  dash of almond milk
  • 2 T vanilla protein powder

Heat oats and chopped up apple in micro until apples are soft, mix in almond milk, protein and nuts. I love, love the hot apples in this. They are super sweet. This is a good use for those apples that are almost on their way out. You can change it up w/ any fruits or nuts that tickle your fancy. I like oatmeal on a busy day because it keeps me full for quite some time.

For lunch I devoured a left over turkey burger. A little left over turkey bacon, mustard, tomato and onion on a 100 cal flat bread w/ a black cherry Polar seltzer water..hit the spot.

Whats your favorite turkey burger recipe??

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