Tea Bags For Everyone!!

Well, if that went right over your head then great! If not, shame on you! I stocked up on some tea at Roche Brothers. They had a whole bunch of flavors on sale. I have had the vanilla caramel in the past but I couldn’t wait to try the others. There’s something so soothing about a cup of tea. It reminds me of my Nana. She drinks about 8 cups a day! Crazy old bird. But these teas really help to nix a sweet craving. I like to sip on them at night with a rice cake and almond butter or a 100 cal  bag of kettle corn.  The herb teas (ginger snap) are caffeine free, so no lack of sleep. I was a bit disappointed in the eggnog. Didn’t really get an eggnog kinda vibe from it. But the vanilla caramel is BOMB. Really, the aroma is fantastic and its the perfect amount of sweet. Highly recommended! You may need to sweeten w/ a bit of agave or honey. I prefer agave personally. I use honey a great deal when baking, but I don’t love the flavor on its own. So I tend to go w/ agave. It has a super high sweet factor so you really only need a DASH.

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