Turkey Detox

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!! I certainly did! Nothing’s better than spanning time with family, friends and food. I absolutely love the holidays! This was KFIT’s second year participating in a Thanksgiving morning road race. We had a fantastic turn out and some even MORE fantastical accomplishments! Lots of first time runners, PR’s and increased distances…I felt like a proud mum.Running the Thanksgiving road race was a great way to get out there and burn some cals before the big feast. I highly recommend making the commitment next Holiday that comes your way!  And now I’m ready for detox. My family is not and will never be the health conscious holiday’ers. You know you see those fantastic recipes on how to lighten up your lasagna, tips to steam your veggies, cut the fat in your pies..ya, it just doesn’t fly in my family. I’m for warned to not even attempt sneaking in some ground turkey into my meatballs. It’s this thing with tradition. Italian mothers…they’re crazy. So I ate, and yes, I’m ready for detox. I spent today prepping for the week of clean eating. It was a bit time consuming because I  prepped some snacks for the weak. Snacks are my savior. If I do not have them through out the day, I end up getting hungry and ravenous and wanting anything I can get my hands on. So snacks on board at all times with this gal. I scored some fresh turkey meatballs from Roche Brothers on sale, $3.50 for the pack! These are a great quick snack, I eat them cold while running out the door.

I also whipped up some Zucchini Eggs Muffins. These are also a great go to, I have them for breakfast or for a quick protein snack mid day. Can be eaten hot or cold!

  • 2 finely grated zucchinis (drain as much fluid as possible)
  • 6 whole eggs/ 6 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • seasonings of choice ( garlic, pepper for me)
  • feta cheese

Whip eggs w/ seasonings and almond milk, add grated zucchini and portion into non stick cupcake pan, top w/ little feta cheese and extra cracked pepper. Bake at 350 deg for 30+ minutes. Will feel spongy when done. This can be done with any veg/cheese of choice. I mix it up often with red peppers, mushrooms, onion, turkey bacon etc.

I also tried  a Pinterest recipe: chocolate greek yogurt. I’m not supposed to eat dairy, womp womp…but greek yogurt is kind of like my ice cream.  I know that coming off the sugar high from Turkey Day, I will surely be craving some sweets this week. So rather than depriving myself, I decided to prepare for it. I made a big container of it so I could dip into it when needing a sweet fix without the guilt. I swapped out the chocolate chips for cocoa nibs for an even healthier benefit.  This is an expensive product, so feel free to use some dark chocolate chips, just go light on them.

The Holidays are a great excuse to give into the food fight. It’s important that you really keep the days you can as clean as possible. Just because you have a girls night Friday and a work party Saturday,  does not mean you have to blow the whole week of eating. Its 2 meals, keep the other 19 clean and you will beat the holiday weight gain.

What is your go to healthy snack?


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5 Responses to Turkey Detox

  1. karina says:

    where do i find cocoa nibs?

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