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Wrapping up 2012

How was  everyone’s Holiday?? Mine was fantastic!! I indulged in a great deal of food and drink and had lots of laughs with my A.mazing family. I love Christmas and I love my family. I really try to cherish these … Continue reading

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What Does “Clean” Mean?

You probably hear people using the term “clean” eating all the time. So what exactly does it mean? Are people just going around washing their apples and pears? No…but you should if you don’t, by the way. A clean diet … Continue reading

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Fighting Winter Plague’s

I had a fateful moment when checking out of Target the other day. Someone had left behind the movie Elf on the checkout belt. It was surely a Christmas miracle. So I popped that bad boy right in my pile … Continue reading

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Impromptu Dinner

Last night I planned on cooking a delicious stuffed basil chicken, but Matt had a stressful day at work and insisted we go out for dinner and a drink. Ughhh, fineeeee. I did good on my night out, I had a salad w/ … Continue reading

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Gloomy Hump Day

OK, so the weather has been a bit gloomy here for the past few days. It’s amazing how the weather can really control your mood sometimes. Three days of gloom makes you wanna curl up, sleep, cry, skip workouts, not … Continue reading

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Christmas Party Review

This weekend we celebrated KFIT’s Holiday Recipe Swap. And I mean celebrated! One thing about us Kfitter’s, we know how to work hard and play harder.  For the swap, all the girls bring a “healthy” version of any type of appetizer/dessert. Some … Continue reading

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Double Cheeseburger Delight

OK. Double cheese chicken burger. Neither the less, still fanominal. I could seriously eat this ish every night. But I wouldn’t. Because then I wouldn’t love it. So don’t do that, eat things you love all the time. You will … Continue reading

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So Monday went well. Today I’m looking at a 16 hour day of work, which makes me want to do a back flip off the Tobin. But I will get to see some of my elderly friends at Linden Pond’s, … Continue reading

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Monday Detox

Holy weekend!  It was a bit of a boozy weekend for me… about you? I had a fun-filled night of closet swapping with some girlfriends Friday night. We do this every fall/winter and again for the spring/summer season. Everyone brings … Continue reading

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