Monday Detox

Holy weekend!  It was a bit of a boozy weekend for me… about you? I had a fun-filled night of closet swapping with some girlfriends Friday night. We do this every fall/winter and again for the spring/summer season. Everyone brings bags of close and we swap away. What ever is not used goes to good will.  There’s always lots of wine to be had of course…and for some reason everyone brought some sort of cheese dish for an appetizer. Awesome on the belly. KFIT also ran the Jingle Bell 5K at Wompatuck State Park. Everyone did great and we had lots of PR’s!! Even with hangovers:) Karina and Chrissy tackled their FIRST full 5K, awesome job ladies! But, I never feel awesome after a weekend of indulging.  I’m all for a night out, but two in a row is almost impossible at this stage of my life. And I am totally fine with that!  So here’s to and ultra clean week….until Friday anyway.

Here is a breakfast Karen H has been telling me about. I brushed it off for some time because she’s not that reliable of a source…and it sounded gross….even though I love all the items used. But she had something, it’s actually really good. And a nice way to mix up the typical egg.

Mexican Eggs

Mexican Eggs

  • 1 egg
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/2 oz feta
  • 1/2 avocado
  • organic salsa
  • 100% wheat toast (optional)

Scramble eggs with feta, add pepper and garlic if you like but steer clear from salt! The cheese is salty enough. Side w/ avocado and salsa. The reason I say organic is because it does not have added sugar. Just be sure to read your salsa labels.

For lunch I sautéed some chicken sausage and onions, tossed in a Joseph’s wrap w/ mustard and served w/a side of broccoli. I always top my broccoli w/ a little parm cheese and cracked pepper vs. butter and salt. Joseph wraps/products are the best around. I like the pita, lavish and tortilla wraps.

Sausage n' Onion Wrap

This is a busy week for me so I was sure to grab some sweet snacks to go to keep me in check.  Lara bars are one of my favorite snacks to go, I heart the carrot cake bars. Also equally addictive-cocoa coconut butter. 20121203_143459

Tonight Ill be making Kelly D’s veggie sticks w/ a turkey bacon club…Ill let ya know how it turns out!

What’s your go to snack to cure a sweet craving??


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2 Responses to Monday Detox

  1. Dee says:

    Bananas, nuts, or Greek yogurt. If there is a Snickers anywhere in a 5-mile radius I’m all over it.


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