So Monday went well. Today I’m looking at a 16 hour day of work, which makes me want to do a back flip off the Tobin. But I will get to see some of my elderly friends at Linden Pond’s, whom I adore so much. A lot of people don’t like old people, but I do. They are like little history books with a funny scent. The things they have witnessed and lived through blows my mind. And, they were a huge inspiration for the reason I started KFIT. More on that story later. Because my day will start at 5:30 am, I wanted to be sure I had plenty of snacks packed to get me through. But first lets start with dinner. Last night was a good one!

Turkey BLT was on the menu. That’s turkey meat AND turkey bacon. So good. For the turkey I found some thin sliced turkey cutlets a Roche Brothers. I just sautéed them in a pan w/ some seasonings. These are great for wraps, sandwiches or salads. Sometimes I’m just not feeling deli meat, so these are a good trade-off. For bread I went w/ the 100 calorie wheat rounds. I found Whole Foods brand to be $1 less than the typical ones I buy. Which is impressive because Whole Food’s can kindaaa be a rip off sometimes. I do wish I had a bigger slice of bread, it was tough to keep all the goods together in these little rounds. I also used Nayonaise, which is a dairy free mayonnaise. Not too shabby. On the side was some roasted veggie sticks. Kell D raved about these bad boys, so I decided to give them a shot. They did not disappoint!

Turkey BLT & Veggie Sticks

Turkey BLT & Veggie Sticks

This wasn’t too bad…you can find it at Whole Foods.

Breakfast was oats in a jar: I can’t even express how much I enjoy this. I ate oatmeal uncooked with milk as a kid, I loved it cold. My Mom said it would grow worms in my belly. One of many lies that woman told me.

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/3 cup old fashion oats
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp walnuts
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein
  • 1 T raisins
  • 1/2 cup almond milk

-Shake well and place in fridge over night. I’m sure you can make oats in a jar or a bowl or a cup or tupperware…but the jar is just handy. You can mix it up with different nuts, fruit and protein flavors. Clearly this was my favorite oats yet. I loved the bananas cold vs. hot and the addition of the raisins.


Snacks for my long arse day of doing God’s work (healing people) included:

  • Celery w/ avocado and salsa dip-mash up the avocado to dip.  I used spicy salsa, yum!  A great crunchy AND salty craving curber. Also good add-ins for this mix-hummus, feta or greek yogurt for added protein.
  • Cocoa almonds- if you have not tried, you are not living. Good for sweet lovers and easy for on the run.
  • Apples, cinnamon and almond butter-I used my handy-dandy apple corer to cut these. I love cinnamon on everything, it has a lot of great benefits. You can opt for PB but I recommend all natural for less added sugar.20121203_20512620121203_20560820121203_210306 (1)


What type of bread do you use??

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5 Responses to TGIT

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  3. DIANE says:

    Oats in a jar sounds good. Your snack ideas also sound good. For a sandwich, real mayo, never soy. I’ll trust my nutritionist who recommends avoiding soy as it’s not a healthy food.

    • Oats in jar are great, you can eat them hot or cold, I prefer cold. I cant have dairy so this was a good substitute for me! It’s the only soy I consume and haven’t even used it since this post. Haha! So it can’t hurt!

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