Double Cheeseburger Delight

OK. Double cheese chicken burger. Neither the less, still fanominal. I could seriously eat this ish every night. But I wouldn’t. Because then I wouldn’t love it. So don’t do that, eat things you love all the time. You will no longer love them. So a double workout day calls for a double chicken cheeseburger. I ran these little legs 4 miles after a Crossfit workout. So heck yea I need a heaping portion of burger in my life. I’m burning serious calories here people, and I am not afraid to eat them. So for din din it was  ground chicken burgers.Turkey Burger

This meal is great if you haven’t had time to think about dinner.  I opt for some all natural pre-made patties. Toss frozen patties in pan and cook about 6 min on ea side. Top with your favorite burger toppings, I used swiss cheese, onion, mustard and tomato. I served mine with some edamame and sea salt as my “fries”.

Shortly after dinner I was feeling something sweet. So I went for a scoop of good old Teddies PB. This is what I found….

20121204_143441Who the hell leaves an empty jar of PB in the cabinet! The same guy who leaves the empty ice cube tray in the freezer. Reasoning for separation. Lucky for Mat, I have a back up jar always. We go through about a jar a week in this house. I snacked on a rice cake with cocoa nibs. Its been a daily snack, sometimes I add sliced banana.


We are tracking backwards in this post, just so you know. Lunch was a turkey, avocado and lettuce wrap w/ some blue corn tortilla chips and black cherry soda water. Better than I anticipated. I frickin love avocado.20121205_120131

I really need to take some food photography lessons. Next week these pics are gonna look like they came right out of a Cooking Light magazine!

And lastly, but really firstly in my day..breakfast. Scrambled eggs w/ spinach, ground turkey and feta.20121106_115722

I know,I know,  ground turkey?? But it actually is really good! I had a wasa cracker with it because I like a crunch. Wasa crackers are not really great with anything but eggs in my opinion.

Do you have any companion pet peeve’s??

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