What Does “Clean” Mean?

You probably hear people using the term “clean” eating all the time. So what exactly does it mean? Are people just going around washing their apples and pears? No…but you should if you don’t, by the way. A clean diet consist of food in its truest state, or non-processed.  Simple enough, right? Well eating clean is not as easy as you may think. There is just SO much out there that is not clean (thanks FDA). Often we may think we are eating healthy when we are not. For instance have you ever swapped up your potato chip for wheat thins or had only 100 calorie Cheezits,  processed cheese sticks or flavored yogurts?? All the while thinking you are eating pretty damn good!  Well you are not. While it may be an improvement from your typical diet, these foods are still processed items. So not necessarily on the clean list. If you are eating 100% clean, you would not have yellow #478 in your diet. Ingredients would be very minimal and ALL be natural. As I said, not as easy as you think. Below is a great example of what seems like it may be a healthy or “clean” option, but is the furthest thing from it.20121120_102009

What could be so bad here?? Only 80 calories, oats, strawberries AND yogurt. Seems like a perfectly healthy option for a TOGO breakfast.

20121120_102019 (1)

Now lets take a close look at the ingredients. Holy shyte! That’s a longgggg list for some oats and strawberries! I can’t even pronounce half of the words, and I count sugars listed  at least 8x’s. That is mind blowing to me!! Transitioning to a clean diet takes time and awareness. This is why it is so important to start paying attention to what you are putting in your body. There are certainly snacks out there that do not have a billion chemicals and coloring in them. Yes, they are probably organic and probably more expensive, but I think your body is worth it, don’t you??

I remember a time in high school when someone was going around sugaring gas tanks. I guess is does a number on your engine, can ruin your entire car. Crazy right?! I thought about that for a minute. Like, would you ever deliberately dump a cup of sugar into your gas tank, knowing the damage you would cause?? It’s a stupid question, you would obviously never do that! Yet people do it to their bodies. Every. Single. Day. And, the damage being done is far worse than that done to a material object. So my lesson to you today, is consider eating as clean as possible. Be aware of ingredients. Buy organic. Take pride in feeding your body with precious fuel like its and old vintage Cadillac not a dumpy station wagon.

Yours truly,


Ps. Here’s a kick ass treat! Only about 6 natural earthly ingredients! Found @ Good Health in Quincy.

20121219_134828 (1)

What’s your favorite clean snack??


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One Response to What Does “Clean” Mean?

  1. Nichole says:

    Attempting the Mexican Stuffed Spaghetti Squash tonight!


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