Stock Yo’ Fridge

OK ladies, so you all know that the KFIT 2013 challenge starts next week. You will all receive a packet via email which will include all details of the challenge. There is no fancy pants hot new diet that I am throwing at you, we are standing by what works. The KFIT way is that of a low glycemic diet, free of refined sugars and processed goods. This is a large percentage of what most of your diets consist of, so it will certainly be quite the transition for most of you.  That is why I wanted to give you some budget tips for stocking your fridge, in case you want to get an early start.  I will be blogging as many of my own meals as possible, so the site will be a great resource for meal and snack ideas. So be sure to check in!

WEEKLY SHOP20130102_115615

Stocked up

I’m pretty proud of myself because I only spent $89 buckaroos today! Typically I spend anywhere from $120-140 each week. It’s important to stick to a budget because eating clean can get pretty pricey if you do not. I always plan my meals for the week around what is on sale. That goes with fruits, veggies, cold cuts etc. This week was green beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, green peppers and avocado. All my meals this week will incorporate these items. I also ONLY purchase meats that are on sale. This week on sale was chicken burgers, porkloin, sirloin tips and turkey sausage. Since I had recently purchases tips and pork on a previous sale, I went with the burgers and sausages. I buy a few extra packs. This way my freezer is always packed with different options. I always separate meats into dinner portions before tossing in the freezer. 20121226_152649If I am running low on chicken, I know to keep an eye out for a sale. I also like to buy a few frozen bags of spinach, broccoli and mixed berries. Great for scrambled eggs or a quick smoothie. Sometimes its just tough to get through all the fresh stuff in a week. And I absolutely HATE waste. To keep from waste and over shopping, plan, plan, plan your meals. Typically I stick to 1-2 breakfasts in a week and the same for lunches, then switch it up the following week. That way I’m sure to get through all the food, and you really only have to worry about planning dinner.

This weeks dinner plan:

Wed- Chicken burgers and sweet potato crisps
Thur-Steak tips w/ sautéed mushrooms and onions and green beans
Frid-Cajun shrimp and sweet potato salad
Sat-out to eat
Sunday-Homemade pizza and salad

Hope too see everyone back on track this week!

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