Sunday Plan Day

Ok ladies, its time to commit! I had several new Myfitnesspal requests (awesome) but certainly not enough. Which tells me a lot of you are wussing out (not awesome). Why is that? Because you don’t want to succeed? Because you want to be on the roller coaster of weight loss~weight gain for the rest of your life? Man up already. Nobody cares if you do the challenge and don’t win, really no one cares! People only care about their own pant size, not yours! What’s the worse thing that can happen if you commit? You learn something, you feel better, you feel healthier, you lose 10 bucks, you lose 10 lbs, you have a cookie here and there and don’t commit to it 100% WHO CARES! You’ve made excuses long enough. To get change, you need to change. So suck it up and do the challenge. XOXO.

OK, now that we have that out of the way….pat on the back for me today! I came in at $118, $6 under budget for this weeks food shop. This makes me quite happy. I love coming in under budget. Meats on sale were chicken and ground turkey (BYGO)….another thing I love,  I’ve been known to buy things I don’t really need just because its BYGO. “Such a good deal!!! I might need dog food some day!”  Here’s the majority  of goods I purchased:(*are items on sale)

  1. apples*
  2. bananas
  3. strawberries*
  4. onions*
  5. green beans*
  6. tomatoes*
  7. broccoli*
  8. green leaf lettuce*
  9. deli turkey*
  10. deli cheese* (for Mat)
  11. 18 pack of eggs
  12. Joseph tortilla wraps
  13. 2 flavored soda water 12 packs*
  14. giant pack of chicken breast*
  15. 2 packs of ground turkey*
  16. big bag of walnuts*
  17. 10 protein bars*(for Mat)
  18. Ice cream*(for Mat)
  19. Fajita seasonings
  20. Shredded cheese
  21. 3 packs of various fresh herbs
  22. greek yogurt*20130106_161539
  23. raisins
  24. loaf of whole wheat bread*

Tough to find bread that is not made w/ sugar. I found the one below, regularly $5 but on sale for $3. Still pricey. Look at labels, if you can find one that has 1-2 g of sugar per serving, you can use for challenge. Some have a lot more.

As you can see the majority of items I purchase are on sale. And the food plan gets worked around them. I find this to really help with the saving rather than the opposite way, creating the meal plan first and then shopping for the items.

The plan for breakfast this week will be oats in a jar, cereal or some sort of scrambled eggs and veggies.  I like to have a sweet option paired w/ a not so sweet option. When I get up I’m either in the mood for one or the other. I don’t want to get up a20130102_120604nd eat the same thing every morning just because its healthy. Boring. I need options. A little tip for those of you who plan to eat the bland cereal on the challenge. Add a couple of T of vanilla protein powder to your almond or skim milk. Great for taste as well as keeping you fuller longer. I also top mine with some fruit,  sprinkle of cinnamon and nuts. Be sure to keep you portions in control with your grains!

I originally planned on having pizza tonight but I forgot to take my homemade wheat dough out of the freezer. Plus, I may or may not have housed 2 pieces at my nephew’s bday..opps. So Mat suggested fajita’s and I was all for it, because I love me some mexican food! And its fully KFIT approved. Bonus. Here’s the plan for the rest of the week. I’ll be posting meals and building the recipe page as we go.

Sund-Chicken Fajita
Mon-Meatloaf Muffins and Green Beans
Tues-Cajun Shrimp and Sweet Potato Salad (never got to this one last friday because I went to a movie and ate popcorn for was my own healthy popcorn though:)
Wed-Coconut Chipolte Chicken and Broccoli
Thur- American Chop Suey
Friday-Steak tips, Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli
Sat- Out to dinner


I always make sure I have numerous snack options in the house. Some that are easy to grab and go, convenience is key! Some that have staying power to last me or some that are just a quick craving fix. Variety is also key, sweet, salty, crunchy etc.  I always have something for any craving. I also make sure to keep something in my bag at all times, incase I get caught up somewhere. Typically almonds and an apple are always in my pocketbook. Here’s some snack options I have for the week:

  1. Rice cake w/ peanut butter-pretty much my go to, sometimes I also add a strawberry 20121231_130304jam such as Polander, which is all natural, or maybe raisins or banana slices. LOVE.
  2. guacamole and blue corn chips, another fave.
  3. humus and carrot sticks
  4. KIND fruit and nut bars
  5. cocoa almonds
  6. strawberries and apples
  7. pickles

Looking forward to getting started!!

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4 Responses to Sunday Plan Day

  1. kellie says:

    Kerrie, what type of greek yogurt do you prefer. I got chobani strawberry and vanilla but they still have cane sugar.

  2. kgotell says:

    plain:( Flavored are a no no! Im using the greek yogurt for fajitas, vs. sour cream. Otherwise I dont eat it:(


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