Holy Heat Wave!

What a glorious Monday!! That’s almost an oxymoron. Because you know, most of us dread Mondays. But today is not so bad, I mean, it’s like 80 outside and the Pat’s are still in the playoffs. It’s like a dream come true. Great day to toss on your sneaks and go power walk your little butt off.  That is, if you can’t make it to the amazing class I have planned for you tonight! So how did you all do on your cheat day? I don’t typically have a “cheat day” I just really eat well 80-90% of the time and if I want something I have it. But the cheat day works well for a lot of people. And I’m following the challenge with you gals, so I’m restricted to one day of fun. Saturday I enjoyed dinner with multiple glasses of wine but I kept my breakfast and lunch clean for that day. Sunday I had some friends over for the game which was a blast, but I made sure to have “challenge approved” snacks on the table such as guacamole and blue corn chips, swiss cheese and Triscuits, ranch greek yogurt dip with carrots and ground turkey in con queso dip. Everyone enjoyed the mix! It wasn’t the cleanest day of eating but it’s better than fried buffalo fingers and pizza! I also indulged in ONE  Woodchuck Cider. -5 for me!  Later that night Mat made steak tips and I made these Pinterest inspired “loaded” sweet potatoes, check ’em out. They were so good!

Loaded Sweet Potato Coins20130113_204029


  • 1-2 sweet potato
  • turkey bacon
  • greek yogurt
  • chives
  • cheddar cheese*optional

Slice potato into coins. Roast at 450 deg for about 30 minutes. Top with scoop of greek yogurt, (I used my ranch dip) chopped chives and a piece of bacon. Can add cheddar cheese as well. 

Before company came I went and did my food shop for the week, here’s whats on the 20130113_134129menu for this week:

Dinner Plan:

Shrimp, Prosciutto and Spaghetti Squash
Mexican Stuffed Peppers
Bacon wrapped Chicken and Acorn Squash
Greek Chicken on a Salad
Shaved Steak and Cheese Wraps

I’m hoping to get two long distance runs in this week. I opened my big fat mouth and said I would do a 10 miler. I don’t know why, I actually hate running. Running is not meant for short, stalky people. But, I’m committed now. Shoot me.

Breakfast this AM was scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, fake cheese and broccoli. I also had a piece of whole grain toast. I usually always scramble my eggs just because I don’t have the patience to get all fancy with an omelet. I mean, it’s all going down the jugular either way.


Lunch was super good. I made a Garbage Salad with left over roasted veggies, topped it with a turkey burger, pickles and a scoop of the greek yogurt dip from yesterdays game. I had a few grapes on the side for my sweet tooth. A little while later I had a scoop of PB as well. Yummy lunch!


I’m actually really looking forward to tonight’s dinner! Hope your starting your week off right!

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