How to Get Zero Gains While Eating Clean

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had an incredibly enjoyable weekend! And now its back to the grind. Wahahahah!  Frickin Mondays. So today we are going to talk about how to stay fat on a clean eating diet. That’s right, its possible. I know, all these changes you are making and I’m telling you, you may not get results!! What the feck! Let’s go over some mistakes that will keep you from fitting into those “skinny” jeans from “82. (Seriously if you have jeans from ’82 you are saving to fit into again, let it go, just let it go. Go buy yourself some awesome new jeans when you hit your goal. Cut the cord)

Mistake #1 Portion Control

This is the biggest and most essential change we need to make when transitioning to conscious healthy eating. Portion sizes are so incredibly misconstrued. And it’s not your fault. Take a look at how they have changed over the years!portions

Good thing we ain’t eatin Big Macs! But we certainly still over do it. Get your serving sizes in check. This may require a little work on your part. Untill you are capable of eyeing out an actual serving size, you should use measuring cups, spoons and a scale. You will  be surprised at how much you are over eating! A piece of chicken should be 3-4 oz.  About the size of your palm. So those gigungo breast you get at the store, they should pretty much be cut in half. This comes down to everything: nuts, PB, oatmeal, dressing, pasta, rice, humus, guacomole….chances are you are consuming way over the recommended serving. We often think that because its healthy we can eat an endless amount of it. NOT true. Calories are still calories. If you are consuming more than you are burning then you will certainly not see changes. So a handful of nuts, tablespoon of humus or peanut butter, should be jut that. It’s not OK to eat the whole container because it is healthy.

Mistake # 2 Not Enough or Too Much Caloric Intake

This probably is the number one mistake I see. Often I see people either under eating OR their calories sky-rocket because they think if its healthy food, they can have a crap ton of it. Both can be equally responsible for lack of success. I think we all know the results of over eating, so lets discuss the under eating. Under eating is going to keep you skinny fat. You may lose weight but A) it will be healthy good muscle weight and B) it will come right back. Most of you know at this point that under eating slows your metabolism. Especially if you are an active person. You need quality calories to build healthy muscle and maintain weight loss. When you under eat, your body holds on to fat (as a survival mechanism the body will hold onto this energy source) and burn muscle first.  I often see this in older women who have been calorie counters for years. You don’t eat enough and your metabolism is at a stand still. Your body burns approximately 1300 calories at rest. Just resting doing nothing..1300 calories you need. This obviously varies with size, activity level etc. So that means your body requires ~1300 calories just to run its day to day functions. So eat people! But don’t over eat! If you are one who really stresses calories check out Calories Per Hour for a quick calculation on what you should be consuming.

Mistake # 3 Not Enough Snacking/Wrong Kinda Snacks

Snack frequently. Its OK if you have a handful of nuts and then are hungry an hour later for another small snack. You don’t have to be limited to one snack in between meals. You should begin to be able to read your body’s hunger vs. your mind doing the talking. Snacks should mostly come from fresh fruits, veggies and nuts. Often I see when people start eating clean they will take “clean” snacks and eat them every day. Keep in mind sweeteners such as honey, agave and maple syrup are still a sweetener. They will still spike your blood sugar. You want to limit them. So clean brownies, pancakes, bars, muffins, protein balls etc should not be eaten regularly. You should think of them as a treat. Also watch your dairy consumption. If you’re a cheese-o-holic you may want to consider cutting back a bit as dairy does have a good amount of saturated (not so great) fat.

Mistake # 4 Big Fat Protein Shakes

OK, protein shakes are great, but we need to work on skinny-ing them up. There is no need to put an entire banana, 2 T of PB, handful of nuts, greek yogurt, almond milk and flax seed in ONE frickin shake people. I mean you’re looking at a 600 cal breakfast. Same goes for oats in a jar and any other concoctions. Don’t just jam 72 items into it because someone told you chia seeds and flax seed were good for you.  You want all meals to consist of good carbs, protein and some healthy fat. So if almond milk, PB, nuts and flax are all a source of healthy fats…do you think you need to put ALL 4 in one shake??  No. Know what you’re creating.  Also, if your shake is going to be a snack as opposed to a meal, eliminate all the added stuff and just add milk or water to protein powder. No need for all those calories if its just a snack.

Bonus Mistake: Sweating the Scale

The fear of weight gain… ughhhh. So much fear I’ve had people quit because they saw the scale go up. Even though their pants size was going down and they felt stronger. Holy christ! That is an issue. It’s about body fat percentage, not the number on the scale. First off. lets talk about the fact that a healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs a week. A WEEK. So if you are really doing all the right things, you will lose a MAX of 8-16 lbs. in 8 weeks. Not 80, this isn’t Biggest Loser people. It took you years to gain it, it is certainly going to take some time to lose it (in a healthy way). The good new is, the slower it goes the less chances of it returning. But, there is a chance the scale may NOT go down…GASP!!! If you are changing your body composition does that really matter?? Focus more on your health, getting stronger and doing great things for your body, and you will 100% progress.  And no…muscle will not make you bulky people. It takes hours of training a day and an insanely strict diet for body builders to get that physique. You certainly are not going to get it from 60 min of exercise and eggs for breakfast. So get the hell of the scale trip.Deb155lbs fat-vs-muscle images

Peace & Love


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