Love is in the Air

Well Happy Valentine’s day to YOU! Be sure to get to the gym tonight before you go home to your box of Russel Stover, OK. Pinkie swear? Good, thanks. Its gonna be a good one…I’ll give you a hint. How high can you jump? So love is in the sir, or certainly on the social media news feeds anyway. If I didn’t have an amazing man at home looking at all that crap would make a solo girl eat a solo box-o-chocolates. But come on, there’s no time for that. There’s so much in life to love and be loved by! Family, fantastic girlfriends, your dog, cat or chipmunk.  When that fails, well then just turn to something materialistic. Here is a random mix of things I have been loving lately.

Grapefruit: I read somewhere that it can reduce belly fat.  Ughhh the forever fight with
Grapefruitmy trouble zone. No matter what I do I always store fat in my tum tum. It’s been a life long battle. I know, poor me. Maybe I’ll start a charitable foundation for my belly fat. If someone told me eating bark would reduce belly fat, I’d eat bark. On the Plus side grapefruits have tons of good nutrients and taste good too.

20130214_133039Mini Cucumbers: Do I need to explain. I mean, they are just too cute. Easy to travel with and a great low cal crunchy snack with some dip or just plain jane.

Blender bottle/water bottle: I’ve been super lazy with mixing up a shake these days so my Blender bottle has been my staple. Just toss the powder with almond milk or water and go. Good stuff if you plan on being 20130211_162248on the go for a bit. I also heart my new water bottle which is KFIT color approved. I was riffling through plastic bottles and just felt terrible about the waste. Plus filling your own water at a spring is way cheap! I use a 3 gallon tank and just refill gallons to put in the fridge.

20130212_200748Yellow Lentil Humus: The sunflower seeds and apricot one. Holy goodness. I’m up and down with humus, sometime I love it sometimes it turns me off. THIS kind I can always eat. I only had the cap because the container was empty! Make sure you like heat. Its super spicy!

CBLT’s:  That’s chicken BLTs. It’s a great lazy lunch/dinner. I just pre-cook some chicken CBLTand turkey bacon and put it in the fridge for a speedy toss together. Who doesn’t love a BLT!!

My Keurig: I mean, just go purchase one right now.20130211_162309

Sautéed Spinach: I seriously think we go through 2 bags a week. Olive oil and garlic in a pan 1 min later, boom, side dish. So healthy, tasty and quick. Top with a little parm cheese for added flavor.

PhotoGrid_1360077970541Muesli: It’s a nice change up from oatmeal. I use Bob’s Red Mill. Eat it like cereal with protein milk and fresh fruit. Toss it in a jar and take it to go.

20130204_155554Homemade Protein Balls: I make a different batch about every 2 weeks. Still on the hunt for the perfect recipe. Its a good health(ier) sweet fix.

20130204_140817Brussels Sprouts: I mean holy healthy. I have quite the Brussel sprout mojo going on and have been eating them weekly.

20130204_135602Ocean State Job Lot: I know a little creepy. But Seriously I spent $26 on all these name brand goods where I would certainly have spent over $50 at whole foods. OSJL is great for olive oil, pasta sauce, spices, Bob Red Mills etc. Don’t be afraid to pop in and save some bucks. You may score a knock off Louis Vuitton as well. Damn those Asians are talented.

Marshall’s: Marshall’s and I have a long long relationship. It’s actually a borderline obsession. But for work out clothes ladies, there is no other place to go (besides TJ Maxx of course). It blows my mind people who spend hundo’s on Lulu Lemon and pricey workout gear (I mean if you want to buy me 20120806_111143Lulu’s Ill defiantly wear it). But, good old Marshall’s has solid workout gear for a total steal. I mean, your sweating in this crap, not pursuing your night and shining armor. Unless your night and shining armor goes to your gym. In that case buy Lulu Lemons.

Push ups: OK, Love is a strong word. Definitely not love. But I’m finally getting to a point where I actually feel solid and strong doing push ups. In fact a workout I did recently I did over 100 of them (not in a row) and by the end I was dying and doing 3 reps at a time. BUT, they felt better than they ever have. So they’ve dropped down off my HATE list and into TOLERABLE.

Vit C Packs: Knock on wood…the super bug has not caught me yet!20130214_133104

20130214_133123Fruit Sale of the Week: Whatever is on sale gets chopped up and into my belly on a daily basis.

Well I could go on and on, but that could be rather boring. So let me know what’s on your love list these days???

And enjoy your Valentine’s you love birds!

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One Response to Love is in the Air

  1. Danielle says:

    Totally agree with the grapefruit and Marshall’s! I’m making a couple recipes with it over the next few weeks. The Marshall’s near me has tons of good deals on workout clothes, too. I grab my bras from Old Navy, though – they have proven to be the best twin-holders 🙂


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