Person vs. Program


In light of one of my most dedicated clients 1 yr KFIT anniversary, I thought it was a good time to discuss the person vs. program. I remember the first time Karina stepped through the studio doors.  Karina arrived at KFIT thinking it was a Zumba class. A friend had encouraged her to try the class. She struggled through 60 minutes of exercise without much complaint. In fact, Karina never really complains. She’s a tough chick. I didn’t know at the time if Karina would last one week or one month. But Karina sure knew,  she was ready to commit. Ready to stop making excuses, put away the past and the reasons why she got to the point she was and just commit.  From day one she has given 100%. Karina adopted the KFIT “lifestyle diet” of no sugar or processed food and transformed her eating habits entirely. Karina’s success has been in not depriving herself, but learning how to find healthy options to satisfy cravings. And over time the old habits became a thing of the past.  Hard work, commitment, a complete lifestyle change and time. This is what gets results. Karina’s not my only KFIT success story. I have plenty of other clients who have and continue to transform at KFIT.  I have even more clients who have pushed their physical strengths to levels greater than ever before. Clients who have conquered mud runs, road races, bike races, box jumps, push ups, pull ups and many more obstacles they never thought they could achieve. So with that said…I must be hands down the most amazing Coach that ever walked the planet, right?  Wrong.  As much as Id love to take all the credit for my client’s success, the clients own that right. It is truly 100% their doing. Because the truth is, for every Karina, there are 5 clients who do not reach their goals. Even the top trainers in the world have less than 50% success with clients. How many Weight Watchers lifers do you know? Whether its Zumba, Atkins, Subway, Les Mills, Yoga, CrossFit, Weight Watchers, you name it! Every program has their own success stories. And their not so marketed unsuccessful stories. It’s not what you chose to do that changes you, it’s your level of commitment to it.

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Les Mills



Can you guess who did what


I am quite positive if Karina walked into another (amazingly talented and quite good-looking) trainer’s gym at that same time, she would have made just as good of gains. Because SHE was ready (obviously she wouldn’t have had as much fun, met as many great women, gained a family and had me in her life) BUT you get the picture.

SO. If these people can succeed, why can’t you??  Well, maybe you have some emotional psychological deep rooted issue keeping you from bettering yourself. Maybe you need Dr. Drew because your Dad abandoned you at age 10 and you eat ice-cream to get over it. Which is understandable. You need help.  Help I can not provide you through the computer screen. But most of you are just pure lazy piles of excuses. Excuse after excuse after excuse. If I had one wish as a Coach it would be to have a taser gun for anytime a client used an excuse. I would taser you all, a lot.  (Insert winey voice)…I mean we spent 15 years putting on this weight why the heck do we have to put any effort into getting it off?? Ughhh (winey voice ends). We want a seaweed wrap that takes “off” inches in hours, or a fast to drop 20lbs in 10 days or a subscription of aderol. We want to have our cake and our wine and our chocolate and eat it too. And when we don’t gets results quick, we quit. Which is why you’ve tried 10 diets and 10 new exercise trends. Now, I’m going to tell you something, you may want to sit down for this. There are very few people in your life that ultimately care about your well-being. I mean of course people want you to live a long life. But do they really care if it’s a healthy life? Or if your just alive and kicking for their own selfish reasons? You could argue your kids care, they need you around.  Which is why you sacrifice your time and health for them to have great lives, grow up, get married, have their own family, talk to you once a week and likely put you in a home and visit only on holidays. Aren’t you glad you sacrificed your “better years” for them?? Bastards. Your Hubby may be close second, but I’m sure as long as there is dinner on the table and sports on TV that he will “love you for who you are”.  So that leaves no one. And all this time you sacrifice your health and use all these people as reasons to why you can’t do it. And they don’t even give to crepes about your insides. I know, it hurts. Which is why you need to say screw ’em. Dedicate your life to you and reaching YOUR goals. Once you are able to make good choices, making them becomes easier. And easier. And eventually life gets good, you glow, you look younger,  you don’t sweat the small stuff,  you get a promotion, rainbows shit out pots of gold and your husband becomes better looking. Honestly.

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