Mel’s Mason Jar OBSESSION!!

So we all know how much Kerrie loves her Oats in a Jar, so I thought it was about time I see what the hype was all about.  My journey started at Walmart where I was in search of said mason jars. I found myself staring at a whole section of them in all different sizes and that’s when the panic set in…I didn’t know what size I needed.  So I jumped on my smart phone and pulled up Kerrie’s recipe and started doing the math in my head (which btw I failed math in high school). So based on the recipe, and my math, I decided I needed the quart size jars. Which for those of you whose math is just as good as mine, them be the biggest ones they had. And why just buy one when you can buy the WHOLE case!  So off to the checkout I went with my case of quart sized mason jars. I could barely contain my excitement when I got home and started right away on assembling my oats in a jar for the week.  To my surprise my math was off and the ingredients barely covered the bottom of the jar.  I assumed since they had to sit overnight in the fridge that maybe this was like cooking bread and you had to wait for it to rise. So in the fridge they went. Fast forward to the next morning when I ran downstairs like it was Christmas morning and was utterly disappointed that they were just how I left them.  But I still brought it to work, I was determined to eat it and like it.  After all I now had 12 of them in my fridge.  As I tried eating it out of the quart sized mason jar, I realized I looked like a bear trying to honey out of a jar.  But once I dumped it into a bowl, I realized that Kerrie was right, they taste amazing!   So note to self, oats in a jar need to be made in a smaller sized jar.  Now what’s a girl to do with all these damn mason jars you ask? Well if you follow me on Pinterest, you will see that my mason jar obsession has grown.  I now use them as candle holders, soap dispensers, oh and my latest thing…salads in a jar!  Yep, that’s right.  So good, easy to make ahead of time, and they fit perfectly in my quart sized mason jars.

Mason Jar Salads
Make ahead of time and use any ingredients that you like in a salad.  The only two things to remember when doing them is the dressing always goes on the bottom and the lettuce is the last thing to go in on top.  This way the lettuce doesn’t get wilty from the dressing.  Shake them up, put on a plate, and enjoy!

For my salad below I made a honey balsamic dressing using minced garlic, plain greek yogurt, balsamic vinegar, honey, salt and pepper.  The main ingredients I used tomatoes, carrots, left over chicken, cheese, and topped it off with romaine lettuce.  So good!

Mason Jar Salads

Thanks Mel for the awesome post and recipe. This is a great idea for a busy work week and so many ways to mix it up! Love love, I will certainly be giving these a shot!

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