Two Workouts I <3

What a crap ass day it is here in Beantown. Easy way to kill motivation!  It’s easy to want to curl up into a ball on days like this. Having will power in these times is essential to progress. And, as long as this winter has been, Spring is knocking at the door! So we need to keep moving! Now I am not a fan of a home workout. I just never have been one to jump around in my living room like a nut. Id much rather take the time and drive to the gym even for a 20 min sweat session. Or hit the streets for a run. But the following exercises are great for those who have a hard time getting to the gym or are simply hostage to the home due to bratty adorable children. I use these routines at the gym when I am short of time or lengthen them for a  longer intense workout. Either way you will get a much higher calorie burn from these bad boys than from a short run or long power walk. First up…


This is my favorite go to workout. The 3-2-1 workout was used by celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza’s to get the 300 actors into serious Spartan shape. I’m not sure if you saw this movie but helllloooo 6 pack!! She also300 uses this w/ actors such as Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Alba. The workout consists of 3 cardio segments, 2 strength segments and 1 ab segment. In total it is 60 minutes long (each segment being 10 minutes) but segments can be modified if you are short on time. The 3 cardio segments are divided into a min/mod and max intensity level. The  strength segments consist of one for the upper body and one for the lower body.You are going to choose 3 exercises for your strength and ab segments and rotate between them for 10 minutes, setting the reps however you wish. For example, strength will be 10 reps of each exercise, repeat for 10 minutes. Switching every 10 minutes makes the workout go by super quick and with endless exercises to switch in, the routine never gets stale. You can use Kettlebells, dumbbells, a treadmill, a bike or just body weight. You can also decrease to 5 min circuits for an intense 30 min workout if you are short on time.

For the home:

PicMonkey Sample

For the gym:PicMonkey Sample

Tabata rounds

Tabata is a form of HIIT training. It is known to be super intense as you are working at your max level for :20 and resting for only :10. One round of Tabata is 4 minutes long. That is 8 rounds of :20w/:10r. In order to get the full benefit of Tabata training its important that you are working at 110%. You should be dying after the 4 minutes. If performed correctly, studies show this timed interval is one of the best for improved aerobic capacity as well as fat burn. Download a HIIT app to your phone for this!

For home:PicMonkey Sample 3

For the gym:PicMonkey Sample 4

Spring is comingggggg!!!! What’s your favorite home workout??

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