Ready. Set. Goal Time.

I forgot to tell you, a few weeks back when our food challenge was over at the gym, I wanted to do back flips. I barely followed along with it. I actually despise challenges. I mean I love a challenge like…Hey I’ll race you to the next telephone pole, or try to eat a stack of saltines under a minute type of challenge. But food challenge=booooo. Some people really succeed with them. I loath them.  If your like me, you do not do well with restrictions. I mean, there are certain things I avoid, or chose not to eat, but If you tell me I can’t have something…oh man.  Release the fury.


(and I don’t even like hot dogs)

So if you dropped out or didn’t even attempt it,  don’t get down on yourself. There’s no one way street to success. We will find yours;)  Maybe an upcoming cleanse with me? More on that later….

What works best for me is focusing on increasing my consumption of healthy food and indulging when I feel the need. A goal of eating more veggies works better for my brain than DON’T EAT ANY BAD CARBS,  semantics I know. I seem to obsess less about it which in turn causes me to have less cravings for goodies. I use sort of like an 80/20 rule. Sometimes I use 80/20 as a daily percentage, keep 80% of my food for the day clean and 20% splurge. Or I’ll use it on a weekly type percentage. For instance I know this weekend is Easter and I have a girls night out,  so I’ll be eating really clean all week, and using a few meals this weekend as my 20% not so clean. I’ll be honest though…lately it has been more of a 70%/30% for me. And since I have a goal for the summer, I know its time to reel it in a bit (eh hmm cleanse). Oh speaking of goals….


Have you ever had a goal or a dream? You know the “someday I’m gonna                .” Say,  open my own coffee shop, deli, dog walking service, hot dog stand yada yada yada. Or the glow in the dark heated toilet seat you thought of BEFORE that guy made a mill off it. Lots and lots of wants, desires and dreams are never pursued. Well, when it comes to fitness goals there is a bright side. You don’t need to quit your job and spend your youngest child’s college funds for it to come to fruition. Phew… Actually there is little risk involved at all. Double phew…But the skill of goal setting is AS important as the actual work done to achieve the goal.  Also, you must create some actual deadlines for your goals, or your push up goal will be collecting dust with your bakery/laundry mat idea. So get started.

My goals for 2013:

  1. Decrease my minute mile to < 8 min
  2. 10 strict pull ups/increased strength overall
  3. Triathlon
  4. Avoid injury
  5. 4-6 pack abs by 33rd bday

Setting the goals is the easy part. Whats imperative is the plan to get there. I consider these my long-term goals. My short-term goals are what are going to help me achieve them. I plan to focus on these next goals for the upcoming month.

  1. Tabata sprints 1x/week: to help increase my overall speed and aerobic capacity
  2. 2 days focused on objective strength training: Give my routine a little more rhyme and reason to achieve the gains I’m looking for.
  3. 1-2x/week of either spin OR running
  4. Incorporate more rest days/yoga: seems like a silly goal, but recently I learned a valuable lesson. I’ve had to scale back all together due to shoulder tendonitis from yes, over training. And it suckssss. Lesson learned. I plan to take 2 rest days/”active” rest days per week. An active rest day may include yoga, long walk, kayaking etc. Something light. My rest days will change each week depending on the intensity of my workouts and how my body feels.
  5. Scale back to 80%/20%:  I know in order to see results in the belly I need to tune in on my food.  I’ll be focusing on meal prep and a big increase of veggies and fruits and lots of water.

In a few weeks I plan to re-assess my goals and adjust as needed to bring me closer and closer to my long-term goals. 

I’m off to eat my fave style eggs. Tomato/spinach/feta. YUM. PS. That ketchup has agave:) Don’t judge me.

Eggs N SpinHappy Tuesday!

What are your 2013 fitness goals?

How do you plan to achieve them?

Ketchup on eggs?

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One Response to Ready. Set. Goal Time.

  1. beccadev says:

    Great post! I just went through a little goal reevaluation myself. I was realizing that time was passing and my goals hadn’t changed mostly because I didn’t commit to a plan in order to reach them. So important to put an action plan in place for your long term goals! Good luck 🙂


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