Sippin on Juice


Oh hey hey, Happy April Fools! I told Matt today that  I was preggers. As the color drained from his face it became clear that at 32 he is still not even remotely ready to be a Dad. Noted. Well Spring is finally in the air and I am in need of some serious Spring cleaning!! So as you may have noticed me hinting about a cleanse last post….its because this month I’m planning on doing a juice cleanse. I’ve never done any type of cleanse before, so I have little to offer on what to expect.  So I suggest you do some research if your interested! Why am I doing it?? A few reasons. Id be lying if I said it wasn’t for some lb loss. I am hoping to drop a few pounds from it. As I said recently my eating has been a little off and I think it will help get me back on track. Lots of people do it to kick-start a healthy eating plan. Also I am a major carnivore and  consume copious amounts of fiber. Lately, this seems to be wreaking havoc on my body. To get a little personal, I have more gas than National Grid. And Matt’s ready to kick me out.  So I’m hoping to get some results on that end.  There is lots of research out there on juice cleanse. Both pros and cons. Some studies say its great, other say it does not do much detoxifying at all. One critique stated you receive the same results as an enema or colon cleanse. Well that sounds fun but personal  I’d rather subject myself to juices than an enema. Overall all reviews seem super positive on how you feel post cleanse. So It can’t hurt.  Do you want to do it with me??

The cleanse I plan on doing last 3 OR 5 days (your choice). I’m going with 3. I like food a LOT and 3 days will be a struggle in itself. But the cleanse technically last 9 days. Reason being, you have 2-3 days of preparation prior to juicing where you need to eliminate a list of things. As well as continuing this 2-3 days post juicing. So be sure you have a good 8-10 days clear of events. I am opting to go with a delivery service. If you are practical and have plenty of time on your hands you certainly can make them at home w/ a juicer. To me time is money and  I’m certain the product/labor even out to the same as delivery. I researched a few companies and found Pressed Juicery is the one I like the best.  Great price. Its freshly pressed the day it is sent to you and the bottling process gives it a 3 days shelf life.  Plus it includes 6 juices a day and and option for 2 waters to assist as a light laxative. FUN. You can take this little survey to see what cleanse fits you best. I plan on starting my cleanse April 22, but you can start whenever you wish! Feel free to email me with question!!


Here’s a fantastic easy Thai Lettuce Wrap recipe. I’m sure they are as unauthentic as it gets. Someone from Thailand would likely smack me for giving it that name. But I used a Thai chili sauce so it seemed appropriate.

Thai Lettuce Wraps


  • pack of lean ground turkey
  • can of water chestnuts, drained
  • 1 c frozen peas
  • 4T Thai sweet chili sauce (or more)
  • shredded carrots/coleslaw
  • 1/2 cup peanuts *optional
  • Boston bib lettuce


  1. Cook ground beef in pan
  2. Add peas and water chest nuts, heat through. Drain excess water.
  3. Add sauce
  4. Top meat on lettuce
  5. Top w/ shredded carrot mix and sprinkle peanuts

Have you ever done a juice cleanse before??

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4 Responses to Sippin on Juice

  1. Jill Greene says:

    hi- i am just wondering- have you tried this juice? i am very interested- im just afraid i wont like it- wont be able to drink it?? and are you doing cleanse 1, 2 or 3?? thank you!!

    • I plan to do cleanse 2! I eat really healthy so that wast the one the survey suggested. I have not tried their juice so I can’t tell you about taste. I’m not finicky so I think I can down anything:) Maybe you can order a bottle or 2 before committing to the cleanse. The reviews say it taste good…..and you actually get to choose your from about 5 different options for your daily juice selection.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Note to self: DO NOT ready Kerrie’s blog while drinking tea! I just spit it out all over my computer screen reading your first sentence!!!! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you have one hell of a way with words Ms. Gotell! I’m sure people outside of my office heard me laughing! You know I’ll try anything once – so count me in!


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