Juice Cleanse Breakdown


Hi all! I have finally completed  my juice cleanse! Thank GOD! Who the hell talked me into doing a juice cleanse?? Oh, wait..me. OK, so there was definitely some pros and cons with my personal juice experience. So here’s my thoughts on it all.

602297_364161336983969_50827256_n Taste

OK, this is very important. Here I was thinking these things were gonna be like Planet Smoothie tasting juices.  The juice cleanse I purchased happened to be a pretty intense 18150_216067858669_2011430_acleanse. Translation= a couple of the juices tasted like crap. I had a really hard time getting them down. Like really hard time. And the idea of having to wake up and pound something that tasted so bad was not fun. Four out of the six juices where delish! Especially the last one of the night which was a cocoa almond milk. Holy good!  My advice is, if you are thinking of doing it, make your own! That way you can cater to your taste buds.


This area wasn’t so bad for me. Let’s put it this way, I wasn’t on the toilet for 3 days. I did experience some queasiness/stomach discomfort the second day of juicing. But overall there where no issues in that department. I didn’t feel a ton of cleansing going on..if ya know what I mean.


Ummm..yea, I didn’t hit this stage.  Apparently you need a 5-10 day cleanse to experience this. Which I will never see. I did notice my skin seemed more vibrant and I have to say my sleep was definitely sound. Not that I’m a bad sleeper anyway, but it felt extra sound. I woke up really refreshed.  On the downside I did suffer some dull headaches throughout the end of the day. And by the third day I was pretty hungry. I also may (depending on who you ask) have been a bit moody. Turns out Kerrie on a < 1200 calories intake can be quick-tempered. And Mat was super supportive by going out to eat without me, which made me want to poor tacks on his side of the bed.

Liquid Diet

My cleanse consisted of 3 days of fruits/veggies only, 3 days of juice and then another 3 days of fruits/veggies= 9 days. I have to say the toughest thing about this was the first two days without caffeine.  Having to eat only fruits/veggies was not a problem at all. I literally just housed food all day. Because you can really consume a ton of fruits and veggies with min calories, and I wanted to be sure I wasn’t depriving myself too much. The juices themselves equaled about 1200 cals per day. Which is low for me. As someone who works out on the regular, this left me feeling lousy.  I didn’t really mind the liquid diet, if only it taste better. I didn’t find myself chomping at the bit for a double cheese burger. But this can go bad for some. If you have really good self-control (which most of you don’t) you won’t be bingeing before OR after your cleanse. BUT… most people will use it as the old…”I’m gonna be on a cleanse for a week let me live it up while I can” excuse. And then following it..”I was on a cleanse for a week, let me reward myself.” Etc etc resulting in a big fat waste of time.

The Good

I definitely learned a thing or two about my digestion in the process (the main reason for doing the cleanse). So I can say it was worth it for me. I found that a diet of fruits and veggie didn’t bother my stomach at all. I always thought veggies where the cause of some pain. Seems as though it may be from a ton of animal meat. Now that the cleanse is over, I’ll be incorporating lots more veggie and fruits. I also kicked caffeine!  I never liked drinking coffee. I totally crash from it. I found myself needing a second cup to pick me up from the first cup. I have a lot of energy without coffee! And since I already went through the detox period,  why go back??  I decided to stay away from it and go for a decaf if I’m craving an iced.9938521_2c6d5d7520 Sleep was better and hopefully that continues! My sweet cravings have subsided. Kicking the sugar definitely got me back on track.  I added warm water and lemon juice to my daily morning routine. This was recommended during the cleanse and I plan on continuing it. I  lost 6 lbs, which I regained. But seeing the drop made me motivated to continue toward my goal. Which isn’t really numerical but either way I’m motivated!

So all in all, do I recommend a juice cleanse? No. If you’re looking for some added nutrients, then juicing is great in addition to a healthy diet! Otherwise stick to good old clean foods and exercise!

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