In a Jiffy

I would like to welcome all the new Kfitters in the gym!! We are glad to have you as part of  the KFIT family! We hope you will be joining us for our Spring Recipe Swap this Friday night…all the cool kids are doing it:)


*Total side note*I have to tell you I ordered the worst thing through Shape magazine the other day. I would really like to have a word or two with the editor who approved this 20130507_145701posting. Miracle Noodles, they are no miracle folks. These things taste like crap. I should have known better, zero calories, gluten-free noodles . When it’s too good to be true, it probably ain’t true. But let’s get down to what this post is really about. Fast/speedy dishes in a crunch.

There are a few things I swear by when I am short on time. I know I can whip up a tasty dish with the following items. So I always have them in stock.

  • Frozen Shrimp
  • Can of Black Beans
  • Pre-made Turkey Burgers
  • Chicken or Turkey Sausage
  • Frozen veggie/chik’ patties
  • Frozen Peas
  • Frozen Spinach/Broccoli
  • Box of Quick Quinoa
  • Jar of Sauce (pasta, pesto)
  • Cottage Cheese

Random Concoctions

Shrimp is such a great, quick & easy source of protein. I always have a bag of fresh shrimp in my freezer. I like the uncooked kind, but pre-cooked is even quicker! Defrost and you can add it to a mix of just about anything! Below I tossed it with some curry couscous, black beans and broccoli. Notice it’s just sprinkled w/ couscous! Always heavy on the veg, light on the carb! I often make a whole box of quinoa (or brown rice) at the beginning of the week to keep on hand for lunches like this.


I was hooked on chicken sausage for quite a bite (and still am). I love the Alfresco pre-cooked ones and Roche Brothers fresh ones. My favorite way to eat them is with frozen peas and parm cheese. Really filling too. I also love to toss them in a wrap with peppers, onions and mustard. YUM!


I can’t live without turkey burgers. And Roche Brother’s has great pre-made options! But my favorite are Bubba’s turkey burgers. Which presently I can’t find, so if you see them pick me up 5 boxes! Sometimes I’ll put it over a salad, on a bun or just tossed with fresh veggies (avocado, tomato and roasted sweet potato below). You can pre-cook it at night then just nuke at work for :30 for lunch!


I recently got back into cottage cheese. I know it’s not for everyone. But I love it with fresh fruit, nuts and cinnamon. And I found a lactose free option. It’s a great cool summer breakfast. And  of course, no prep! Sometimes at night I’ll have it with some granola, chocolate chips and strawberries to settle my sweet tooth.


I don’t often eat pre-packaged stuff, but if I’m in a jam, these are good for a quick bite. Ill toss them in a Joseph’s wrap or on a salad. I also love the chik’n patties, with some marinara and broccoli. Super satisfying!


Being prepared is super essential in being successful! Keep things stalked so you won’t be forced to grab for a quick unhealthy lunch!

Here’s my item of the week: Quest Bar’s! I’m currently working my way through a variety pack. So far I love the cinnamon roll the best!


What’s your go to quick meal??

Do you have a favorite protein Bar??

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One Response to In a Jiffy

  1. Danielle says:

    The shrimp and sausage dishes look goooood!! My fave go-to is a store bought rotisserie chicken, meat shredded and then turned into a quick curry salad using organic mayo, curry powder, raisins, celery, pecans and diced tart apple.


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