Memorial Day Wash Out

Did you let the lousy weather pop the fun balloon during your Holiday weekend?? Well I sure as hell didn’t. I mean come on, we live in New England  people. Sometimes you just need to improvise.

I have to say, I heart living in Boston in a major way. Did you know Boston is in the top 10 for fittest cities?? Cool right. Us Bean-towners like to get out and move. And how could you not! We have the beach, mountains, oceans, trails, all at our finger tips! Something to do in every season. I’m not quite sure how you can live here and NOT take advantage of it all. So, I really lived it up this cold, wet, rainy weekend!

I’ll admit, Mat an I sat around for quite a bit Saturday  scratching our heads trying to think of a fun way we could spend the day. Its was too wet for a hike or for a whip on our sweet Walmart Schwinn. And it was way to early to start drinking. Almost simultaneously we both blurted out  a similar thought, I said the Museum of Arts, he said the Aquarium. Well I just about did a back flip off the couch at the idea of the Aquarium. I hadn’t been since I was 9 and I mean the place was the BOMB when I was 9. Side note* at this point I should have thought to myself, Kerrie… most things that are cool when you are 9 are not as cool when you are 30(2)….like your elementary school gym and fun dip. But, off we went excited like school girls.

Well of course every parent in the state of Massachusetts thought of the same thing. There was about an hour wait. Womp womp. Let me just say this, when I have kids, the last place you will ever find me on a busy rainy holiday weekend, is at any event every other parent is.  Why on earth they drag their kids, when they know its going to be  crowded- nightmare-melt-down city, is beyond me. Everyone looks like they’d rather be eating nails. Especially Dad. When I have kids, ALL of our outings will happen on school days. Everyone’s taking a sick day, family fun without the crowds. Total sidetrack..anyway we gave up on the line and hustled into the IMAX theater.  We got right in and they sold us an Aquarium ticket..hehe. The movie was Deep Ocean and it was amazing. I would have stayed and watched all other IMAX movies available. It was so so cool. After the movie we slipped into the exhibits. The muggy, smelly crappy exhibits.  After watching this mind-blowing movie about the beautiful ocean, it made me so sad to see what those poor creatures were stuck in. I immediately felt guilty for supporting this place. And everything was Not nearly as great as my 9 yr old memories. We flew through all the exhibits (Mat did pet the sting rays) and I got lost in jelly fish tank land, and then we where out, a total of 10 minutes. We should have wet to the Museum…..


Imax= a must for all ages for a rainy day   Aquarium= 4 thumbs down.

We finished the day exploring the city. Surprisingly, it was quite busy despite the gloomy weather.  Us Bostonians don’t let weather dictate our lives!!  Well, most of them were tourists…but neither the less, I was happy to see a busy city. Random Boston outing. Success.

Sunday was Family BBQ day. We had a blast at my sister’s house with all the little kiddos. I love my fam! Especially my goddog Earl:)


I wanted to make a sweet treat, so I called my trusty friend Tina, to ask her what the best healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe was. She’s a cookie genius.  These are so so easy. I don’t eat paleo, but I use a lot of paleo recipes for baking. Why?? Because they are made with wholesome ingredients, nothing processed.  So I always have these ingredients on hand. And the best part, they are KFIT challenge approved!!  Here’s the recipe!


Monday SUN, YES!

Finally what we all were waiting for! Monday we headed to Newton to kayak the Charles River.  If you have never been, GO. It is great for families, couples, dogs. Everyone! It’s a gorgeous river and there is lots of cool wild life along the way. Its only about $20 to rent kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, they even have those stand up paddle boards (I need to try that!) Kayaking can be a great workout.  Especially with Matty Beefy Patty. One stroke propels him 10 feet, so I’m just paddling like a mad woman the whole time to keep up. Sore arms for sure! You can also just take a relaxing cruise, pull up on a dock or an island and picnic (maybe pack a road soda)…whatever your heart desires!

Kayak the Charles= Yes yes yes!



Another great way to find ideas is shop Living Social or Groupon. There’s always crazy cool stuff you’d never think of. Like this Bike Scavenger Hunt deal. I can’t say I would be into that, but some odd couple would be.  Anyway, there’s lots of cool stuff out there to be found!

Addendum: Don’t eat 12 cookies just because they are “healthy”. They still will make you fat. They just won’t make you have diabetes, heart disease, cancer AND be fat. Which is also why you should be doing the Food Challenge!

Do you have a favorite healthy cookie recipe??


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8 Responses to Memorial Day Wash Out

  1. Danielle says:

    Ha! I’m laughing at the Aquarium story, which is so true. I have a SUP at my disposal, so NO excuses not to try it this summer. I’ve been dying to do a run along the Charles and then a picnic after, and these cookies could very well find their way into my basket!!

  2. Kelly Depew says:

    I can’t wait to kayak!! I heart it so much. I really want to try paddle boarding also! Everyone who paddle boards has sick abs right?!?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kerrie your blogs are the best! I am having a bad day and you got me to laugh 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great post!! I HATE the aquarium-I think it is totally boring and smelly. Love the cookie recipe.


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