Cocktail Party

I had quite the boozy weekend….


Ok, not that boozy. But I certainly over indulged. If you’re like me and 90% of the rest of the population, alcohol is definitely one of the hurdles I seem to impale myself on when trying to drop some lbs. It’s hard to turn it down. Especially in the Summer! It takes some serious commitment and self-control to cut back on the drink intake. And after this weekend, I need to start applying it if I’m going to have abs by my birthday. Here are some tips I use when cutting back.

The Two Day Rule

This is always where I start when trying to clean up my clean diet. I limit my alcohol intake to two days a week. Seems like a lot for some, but for me, that’s tough! The key is, one of my days has to be a low-key 2 drink maximum. So out to dinner with the biff, or a mid-week ladies night dinner. I keep it casual and do not exceed that two drink max (significant self-control required). The second day, I allow myself to live it up a bit more.

Create a Mocktail


What the Christ is a Mocktail? It’s actually a delicious drink minus the booze. Think virgin Original_Mocktails-Mango-Mock-O-Lada_s3x4_lgstrawberry daiquiri. How great were those when you were a kid? You can create a Mocktail when you don’t want to waste your allotted drinking day on a Baby Shower or Christening..snoreeeee. Or just hanging with friends on a Sunday. There are some pretty sweet concoctions you can create, and you won’t get the hairy eyeball from your friends, because they don’t even need to know!! Check out these tasty Mocktail recipes.

Lighten It Up

This is a go to for me. I love wine, like heart it to death. When ordering a wine I’ll have them add soda water and some fresh squeezed lime over ice. This doubles the size, extends my sipping time. SCORE. Add fresh strawberry pure and soda water to your Vodka drink, we tend to sip them slower than a beer.

Skip the Low Cal Beers

The Ultras and Gluten Free’s do not make them healthier! In fact, we tend to drink MORE of the low cal beers because the alcohol % is much lower as well. So in total, you end up consuming more calories!

Drink H2O

In between bevy’s I take the time to drink a whole glass of water, this is good for a couple of reasons. 1) It slows your intake down. So it really helps those who struggle in the pacing,me,me! 2) Hydration= a hangover’s enemy.

Swap out the sweet mixers

That’s a no brainer. Here’s some smah-ter choices.

Sea Breeze-The 4 oz. of grapefruit juice, 1½ oz. of cranberry juice, and 1 oz. of vodka will set you back about 180 calories.

Champagne– A 4-oz. glass of bubbly is only 85 calories. Toss in some fresh fruit pure and ice…GOOD!

Fruit infused vodka- With club soda, a splash of cranberry and a lime (115 calories.)

Low-Calorie Shandy-Add one part lemon-flavored seltzer and a squeeze of lemon to two parts beer. Totally trying this!

Skinny Piña Colada-2 oz Bacardi Rock Coconut Rum, 5 oz coconut water 2 oz pineapple juice. Good God that sounds delish!

Sangria-Check out my lightened up version!

Smirnoff Sorbet Light Vodka-My new favorite obsession. This weekend I mixed it w/ flavored soda water and just a splash of coconut water and OJ.  Here are some great recipes as well.

Last, continue to keep your diet clean! Whether you are going out that night to live it up or recovering the following day. Maintain a good diet. It will keep you from over indulging and feeling lousy the next day!


Share your light cocktail recipes please!!!

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