Food up the Wahoo

Oh Hey hey! Are you partaking in the Food Challenge? Well you should be! I heard several peeps say they weren’t because they just couldn’t live with out alcohol..or sugar in their coffee, or they have  a graduation this month….OK. That makes sense. NOT. Because you could just make an 80% effort and still get results or just try hard on EVERY other day of the month you don’t have an event or drinks ya booze face. OR you could continue to see no results. Totally up to you!

Dont Be Upset

Lately my meals have been lacking creativity, pretty repetitive. It’s almost summer and my appetite tends to drop off. I like fresh fruit, veggies and light stuff. As do most. But I still make a point to mix it up, so I don’t get bored. So here’s a bunch of random meals I’ve been all about the past few weeks.


Mainly is eggs. And usually it’s my favorite and easiest; scrambled with spinach. I’ve been able to give up ketchup on everything but my eggs! BUT, this is challenge approved’s sweetened with agave.


This wrap was a bar mitzvah for my taste buds. A juicy fried egg Southwestern style with  turkey bacon, salsa and avocado…


I attempted poached. Which was a bit too time consuming and anxiety ridden. Like crap don’t break, don’t break! I did make a super easy sweet potato “pancake” here. I simply nuked a sweet potato, hollowed it out and seasoned it. I then formed it into pancake shape and pan seared it to crisp outer edges. Genius.


Sometimes I want sweet so its PB and Jelly oats. This is a hearty one, good for a long day ahead. I use Polander jam.


or my Protein Pancakes


Oats in a Jar are always a good go-to for those with no time!


Lately has been a veggie burger of some sort. You can opt for a lean beef or turkey too. I really like Amy’s BBQ flavored veggie burgers, only they MUST be pan seared, not nuked.

Usually it’s over a salad with salsa and avocado….


Sometimes in a wrap with salted edamame…


or just plain old plain…..



Salad city! And I love to mix it up. In my house, no two salads are alike!

Topped with chicken, roasted Brussel sprouts and balsamic. I love roasting veggies for my salads, especially asparagus and sweet potato and eggplant and…. OK anything.


and yes, croutons are a must…


Topping obsession of late include roasted red peppers, banana peppers, avocado, beans, olives or marinated artichoke hearts. Livin’s it up and adds healthy fats.


I also have had several taco nights. I slim it down with greek yogurt, Joseph wraps and ground turkey or chicken. And LOTS of guac!


Finish product..


Those blue corn chips are amazzzinggg for spicy lovers. And I love Stop&Shops fresh salsa.

20130605_131706That’s my life in food for now!

What’s are you struggling with on the Food Challenge??

Check out the Recipe Page for ideas!

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