Snack Box

Hey All! How are you surviving the heat wave? Aren’t we so luck to live by the ocean…for realz.bosotn

The other night I whipped up a version of my Prosciutto Spaghetti Squash. I haven’t had my beloved squash in some time. It tends to be more of a winter veg for me, but serve it cold and wah-la, great summer side dish.

20130715_211553 (2)

I paired it with a side of left over pork and  had plenty left over for lunches this week as well.


  • 1 sm squash
  • 1 sm pack of prosciutto
  • 1 bunch of asparagus steamed and chopped
  • 1/2 c fresh parm cheese
  • salt,pepper and garlic to taste

I cooked the squash in the microwave  for 15 minutes, rotating every 5. This is the easiest way I think! Then I just cut in half and spoon out seeds. You can let it cool in the fridge if you prefer the meal cold, or just add all ingredients and have it hot! Either works well.

Snack Box

Life has been a bit on the run lately, so I’ve been eating on the go.  I created this snack box in my fridge. Its full of convenient snacks pre-portioned out. Talk about convenience! This is a sweet idea for a few reasons. 1) I always tend to buy stuff and forget about it. For instance, I’ll get a big bunch of celery and “plan” on eating it all week with PB. But by the end of the week I have a big bunch of soggy celery. Pre-prepping and having it on hand, it gets eaten.  2)It keeps me reaching for healthy stuff. 3) Matt pretty much needs to be spoon fed. If his lunch items aren’t right there in front of him, I know he’s making a stop at Chipotle. So I make it easy for him too. 4)Really, what a great idea for kiddos! Provide a snack box of healthy stuff that isn’t off limits, they can grab from whenever there little grubby hands desire. Just kidding, I love kids.

Here’s whats in my snack box this week.

20130715_130137 (1)

Edamame, avocado&feta, protein bars, sunflower seeds, trail mix, strawberries, blueberries, black cherries, cheese sicks and mini cucumbers (I love these). So Ill just replenish as I go, and mix up the items next week.

20130715_130008 (2)

I’ll leave you with my recent favorite snack that isn’t pre-prepped. Chocolate-PB-coconut rice cake. Good time.20130718_091807

What’s your favorite late night snack??

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2 Responses to Snack Box

  1. Danielle says:

    Ha! Laughing at the limp celery because that happens to me ALL the time! Great idea on the snack box…. must try! My fave late night snack is probably a Chobani. I feel like it’s healthier than ice cream or sweets, and is pretty satisfying.

  2. Great It is really Great idea on snack box.The photos are very good.


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