Things I’m Mcluvin

I’m loving this weather, but it’s making me think fall is around the corner. Man, Summers go by quick. Good thing you can drink iced coffee year round.

So here’s the best obsession of the week.



I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but every now and then I love me an iced coffee. Since I’m house broke I was looking for a way to cut down on the daily trip to Everyday Cafe (better than Mary Lou’s in my opinion). So I scored this at Roche Brothers.


Unfortunately RB is the only place I found that carried it. On sale it’s $2.99, that’s worth the trip to Quincy. What I do is mix in a dash of almond milk and a 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein. Maybe a dash of cinnamon. Shake, shake, shake and wa-lah. Best damn thing ever. Protein and caffeine in one gulp.

Another score I came across was these pre-cut sweet potato fries. Raw, not yet cooked. Bake ’em without all the added oil. These suckers save me from offing a finger and are great if your crunched for time. I mean..who isn’t??


Paired w/ a turkey burger & portabella mushroom “bun”.


Things that make you go (h)mmmmmm?

OK everyone has their weird concoctions they love. While another may give you a look of disgust. Here’s two odd combos I can’t get enough of lately.

Van waffles w/ cottage cheese, maple syrup and cinnamon


I promise it’s a good time with the mix of hot and cold! If your grossed out by cottage cheese, add some PB and pair it with some Coffetein!

Baked sweet potato w/ PB and cinnamon


I pop the sweet potato in the microwave to cook and eat half for a quick, hearty snack!

Whats your favorite odd concoction??

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