Cheap Meat

Hey all! Happy Tuesday! Can you believe we are heading into the Fall months? What a crazy (fun) fast Summer it has been. I know a lot of you were having a good time as well…seeing as I haven’t seen your purty little faces as much in class.  I know, I knowwwww you’ve had a lot going on. bulshit But its OK. I still love you, and I know September will be a better workout month for you slackalackers. Keep in mind, pretty soon we will be walking less, taking a car or a bus instead. Carb cravings will shoot to the moon. And the world will be taken over by pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING.

halloween-pumpkins2You wont let it get the best of you. I know you wont.

About That Meat

Owning a grill has changed my life. We definitely use it a ton. So we buy a lot of meat. A lot. To save some dimes for my Botox funds, I often hit up the cheap beef sales. Pretty much the way it works, you wait till it is as close to giving you E coli as possible, then you buy it. You save some bucks on the risk factor, and living on the edge is liberating.  Sometime you can find great stuff that’s already prepped, like chicken kabobs.

20130801_123806 or these delights…


Or recreate a Pinterest find with your cheap beef, resulting in a not as fancy of a photo.


Or buy it plain and score a jar of something delicious and healthy to jazz it up (no top chef skills required). Like this great find. I’d put this ish on everything! That good, really.


Or just freeze it up for a later date. Either way, its a great time/money saver. 


*Side note 1: Did you know the Yogurt Bar in Weymouth has opened?? I tried it the other day. I seem to have a better time with froyo than I do with ice cream (stomach wise). I tried the salted caramel and let me tell you, it was A.mazing. If you haven’t  been you’ve got to check it out! 

*Side note 2: It really pisses me off when I get bill from a Doctors office and they can’t even provide a return envelope.

*Side note 3: Iv’e been using this as a little sweetener for my black coffee. So far so good! Keep in mind, it is still a sweetener, just unrefined. But I like it much better than other unrefined products I’ve tried. This would also be good to sweeten up oatmeal or for baking.


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