3 Quick Meals

Happy Friday Frienderoo’s!!

It could not be a nicer day out. This weather makes me want to do all things Fall.


Fall seems to coincide with an increased appetite for hearty comfort foods. Salads become less appealing and our need for carbs skyrockets. Which isn’t a bad thing! Just be sure your noshing on the right carbs!

“Spaghetti” and Meatballs


If you havent discover spaghetti squash yet you should be shot. It is 100% (one of) the best veggies in existence. And I really think it would be enjoyed by most. Even picky unruly children.

For this meal to be quick, I opt to nuke the squash. Haters gonna hate. But, it takes far too long to cook in the oven. 15 minutes in the microwave (rotating every 5) and wallah…dinners good to go. I used Trader Joe’s Turkey Balls for this falltabulous dish. They certainly aren’t my Mom’s meatballs. But for a healthy sub in, they are good.


Rice and Beans

I cheated with these handy-dandy minute rice cups.


There is certainly a smarter option out there. Sometimes I’ll cook up a whole bunch of rice or quinoa at the beginning of the week. I tossed in some beans and frozen peas (a go to carb for me). I also added some hot sauce and a few hard-boiled eggs. I’ve been eating this meal all week. To mix it up I’ll toss in sausage, chicken or just keep it Vegan.


Soup N’ Sandwich

By far one of my favorite winter meals! And I heart tomato soup. Like really truly heart it. I really enjoyed this brand, it was thick and very tomatoesque. Tasty! Not watered down like some brands.


For a fast sandwich I opted for a pre-cooked chicken. Hot n’ handy…this is not false advertisement people.


I tossed in some roasted red peppers and cheese. Totally hit the spot.


Keeping Fall eating in check is tough. It’s important to find “healthier” replacements for our appetite. More to come:)

What’s your go-to quick Fall meal???

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One Response to 3 Quick Meals

  1. Danielle says:

    Microwaved spaghetti squash and grab -n – go rotisserie chickens are a woman’s best friend (my dog’s pissed about this)!! Amy’s has some good, and gluten free soups that I love. I found a recipe for a quick lemon, spinach and chicken soup – must try!! You can probably serve it over the quickie brown rice bowls you have….


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