Kale Fail and Happy November

Hey friends! Happy fresh-start-your-life-over-new month NOVEMBER! Despite the crappy rain..20131101_124109

I am feeling quite optimistic about the new month. The gym has been bustling this week (with the exception of Halloween) and I’m feeling some new challenges coming on! More to come on that.


Roasted BBQ Kale

I’ve been on a kale kick lately, mostly in my eggs. I love it sautéed up (never uncooked..blehp). So I bought a gigungo bag, like enough to feed a bus full of Vegans for a month. Of course I can only eat so many eggs a day, so I was pumped when I came across Fitnessista’s recipe for BBQ Kale chips. Honestly, I’ve never made Kale chips before. Spare the judgement. They never sounded appealing and I firmly believed those healthy weirdo’s were flat-out lying about their deliciousness. But I had to do something with my kilo of kale, and this BBQ flavor certainly perked my interest. So I followed along with the simple steps and wah-lah….my chips did not even remotely look like Gina’s.


 A certified Kale chip fail.

But, I couldn’t let this pile of greens go to waste. I piled it on a plate and topped it with some chicken and I’ll tell you what, Roasted BBQ Kale is scrumptious!!!! Scrumptiousss. There, I said it twice. As for Kale chips, I see success in my future. At least I can confirm they are definitely worth attempting.


November Challenge’s

This month we have a few goals, the first as you all know is to maintain our weight through the Holidays. That is ZERO POUNDS GAINED. As a whole.  See, you can tell I’m serious… that’s why it’s in bold. When people are serious, they put their print in bold. So I came across this on CNC . A little motivation for the month that I thought some of you may like. And it will certainly help us with our gym goal. This is a neat (free) way to set a goal for yourself to move a little more on your KFIT off days. Also a good way to keep yourself accountable. You can go right on here and set yourself up! Pile on the Miles Challenge 

We will also be having a Plank challenge this month. I’m giving a few options because of various different levels and type A peeps. So if you need something to follow verbatim, here it is.


If you’re a little more advanced in your planking and want to push yourself a bit more the other option is to start Day 1 at your max plank time. So today, get to a clock and hold a plank as long as you can. Every day from today add 5 OR 10 seconds to your plank, depending on your goal. Don’t forget to keep track and incorporate a rest day 1x/week.

Here’s to the month of being thankful! What are you thankful for?? This month I am thankful for my wonderful extended KFIT family and their drive to not let me down and stay fit for the Holiday’s. No pressure. Seriously none.

Oh and of course I’m thankful for this little bugger…



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