Why I Heart Trader Joes

Have you heard of Trader Joes???

OK OK, this is no mind-blowing discover. I mean, who doesn’t ❤ Trader Joes! But I thought I would share some great finds on my weekly pick up list. S&S is my local store and I find the price of lots of organic items are much higher there. So I compared some prices and ALL of the below items are much cheaper at TJ’s. Some items are like a 50 cent save, but most are a solid $2 cheaper or more! These are things I buy weekly so worth the trip!

Veggie Burgers (both marsala and plain are delish)CAM00403


Organic Soup



Almond Milk


Dried Fruit


Roasted red peppers 


Ezekiel Bread


Chicken sausage


Eggs (Nitrate Free Bacon is about $4 cheaper!)


Quick Meals

TJ’s is also great for a quick dinner pick up. I’m a BIG fan of the Soy Ginger Marinated Cod. OMG it is scrumptious. I serve it over the Asian veg (with a little sesame oil). Dinner in 15 minutes.CAM00082

The Apple Stuffed Pork is number 2 on my list. Really good and only 180 cals for a chop. Wowsers. Just be sure not to over cook or it can be dry.CAM00113

The thing to be careful about at Trader Joe’s is over buying! They have sooo many cool/yummy/musthave items.

CAM00396So go in on a mission and keep your head down:)

** SIDE NOTE 2: I could not for the life of me add Humus to this list because WP sucks… but its way cheaper and tastier. And their garlic is great if you love garlic like could-eat-the-clove-love:)

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