Ahi Tuna at Home

I am borderline obsessed with Ahi tuna. If it is on the menu Matt and I get it 100% of the time. It’s just so dang good. Every now and then I like to cook a fancy dinner at home. At least I feel fancy. I’ll pick up a really nice filet and some crab cakes or something along those lines. It feels like dinning out at home. And it’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than dinning out too. So I decided to attempt some blackened Ahi tuna. I was super confident that it would be a piece of cake. I mean, its pretty much  idiot proof. And I was right. If you like this stuff, give it a try. It is literally a 3 min meal!

I purchased the frozen steaks at Whole Foods. I was a little leery, but they actually were A-OK. I planned on making this Thai Coleslaw, but I was too lazy to pick up ingredients. Next time.

Sesame Blackened Ahi TunaCAM00156


  1. Just go ahead and read the package for thawing. Its super easy!
  2. For mine, I just pressed it in a plate of sesame seed oil and soy sauce, then I pressed it in a mix of sesame seeds and cayenne pepper.
  3. :90 seconds on each side and dinners served! Time depends on how raw you like it. The box will show you a few different options.

I served it with  snap peas and some of this quick quinoa.


Warning: If you do not like raw tuna I do NOT recommend this meal:)

Latest Love

I’m craving coconut Chobani and pistachios a lot for a sweet fix. The mix is heavenly. Like a pina colada minus the hangover. It is NOT sugar challenge friendly. But I welcome you to try it if you are a little lenient on your intake. It is Zone friendly!CAM00256

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