How To Be a Better Client

Wow hey now, hey what?? I know what you are thinking “How could I possibly be more awesome???” Well there is always room for more awesomeness, isn’t there?. You see, I myself am constantly looking for ways to be awesome.  Whether its research, blogging, cooking, reading, courses I’m always looking for ways to provide a better service. Which makes me progressively awesome. It’s a trait you must work for. Now some of you may read this and think she talking to me?? Well YES! I am! If you feel that way. But listen, we are all guilty of every single one of these things from time to time. So you are very much not alone. And you still have time to work at being your best. YIPPIE!

Be Coachablefunny-do-what-you-are-told-weight-loss

What the hell does that mean?? Are you one who ignores taking a modification you know you should be taking.  Like doing sloppy banana curl push ups instead of heavy chest press. Are you constantly getting cued for the same move over and over and over: shorten your stance, get lower, keep back tight, shoulders down, faster pace. Being Coachable requires you to leave your ego at the door. Whether you have been here 2 weeks or 2 years, you should be listening to your Coach and your body. There is no need to put yourself at risk for injury and there is certainly NO ONE judging you no matter what level you are doing. Being Coachable also requires a conscious effort to change. If you continue to do the same thing wrong over and over and over again, is there an effort being made? Our body will always take the path of the least resistance. As new clients you will have less body awareness, meaning you may not “feel” whether your posture is correct in a move or not.  But after a certain amount of time spent in the gym, it really just is laziness. You have the ability to take the cues and apply them, it’s just easier not too. For example, I have a really tough time locking my arms out over head with weight. I know this, so I pay extra attention to it. It takes a lot of mental focus for me to maintain it every, single, rep. Being a receptive client requires drive and persistence. You need to accept and desire change. You need to work toward it no matter what it takes. You need to be humble and be able to take guidance. You need to be willing to scale back for purposes of form or technique, or push harder when circumstances allow. It’s important to work on this to get the most from your time spent in the gym.

Zip ITzip-it-real-good

The dreaded talker. OK, now I know we can be a little chatty during a warm up. We are female after all.  Our community is fun and social and we get along, and I love that! But excessive talking during a workout is 100% annoying as F*$# (sorry Mom).  You may say ” But we are still working while we chat.” Well news flash: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. This is group training.  Some people come to the gym to work out. They want to get awayyyyy from their annoying co-workers stories or needy kids. When they are in the middle of a workout they don’t care to hear about your fancy dinner with your hubby or how your kid stuck a cheezit up his nose. You know the old “If you can talk you are not working hard enough.” Well, it really is an indicator of your efforts. And I feel that in class EFFORT=RESPECT.  If you are chatting away while a coach is talking or through a workout, how do you think that makes the Coach feel? One word comes to mind…starts with D and ends with respected. Listen, feel free to fill your besties in before and after class till you are blue in the sweaty face. But when it’s work out time, its work time.

Be Positivethink_positive_bee_apron

Have you ever had a co-worker that when the second you walk into the same room they just sucked the life out of it. If they had a day off or called in sick you immediately feel like you hit the lottery. Negativity gives off a significant energy that can be felt immediately. So  you go the gym to work off steam and sweat because it makes you feel great. But then you have this mosquito in your class….who’s all ” I can’t do those, I hate that, these suck, I don’t want to, why do we have to.” And you want to punch them in the face for taking away your happy hour.  Well don’t be that mosquito. Yes there is going to be stuff you don’t like doing. But again, it’s group training. And if you want an individualized program catered to all your liking’s…maybe you need to hire a personal trainer.  The bottom line is the things we tend to hate are the things we tend to suck at, which we need to work the most. If you can say “I’ll try it”, “I’ll do my best”, I swear those sucky things become just a bit less sucky. And you become significantly less annoying.  Win for everyone.

Arrive Early (Don’t Be Late)


I know a lot of you are rushing to get to class and on occasion are late, I can appreciate that. Consistently being late…that’s another story. Work on it, it’s annoying and typically in your hands. Either way if you are late you will need to do a warm up. It’s not a punishment.  We work hard in class and you need to be warm. If its 5 min+ it’s disruptive to have to explain the warm up all over again. So maybe its a row, jump rope or burpees. Its Coaches call. So expect it when you arrive late.

Hey, why not try come a little early? Some of you do. And every single class every day of the week ALL of you are sore, achey, stiff or tight.  Whether it’s from straight up aging or the class before. But no one works mobility. Hmmm? Weird. I know its tough to spend time on mobility because it doesn’t make you skinny. But in fact new studies show it does! Do you know people who took time to stretch lost an average of %20 more in one month! Due to the fact that they remained injury free and did not have to take time off! Well I just made that up. But I’m sure it’s true. And your old aching bodies need it! So take 5 minutes and hop on a foam roller before class pleaseeeee. Or don’t complain about your poor posture, tight hips, sore quads.

Get To Classimages (1)

Do I need to even. Don’t blow off a whole week because you had 3 busy days. Some is better than none. Enough said.

Use Our Servicescb58fa4ae1cf3bdf16597e56df68dffb564a90e183beb093d2df638e7065edc8

As Coaches we have infinite amounts of knowledge. Skills for dayz people. I can’t tell you how many times I have told someone to send me their food log or offer to go to the gym and give them a routine. Not one follows through. We are here to help people! I’ll come to your house and empty out your cabinets, I’ll create a home exercise program. Meg will write you a personalized meal plan. Mel will pick you up and drag your ass to the gym to motivate you. Kell will run the snowy streets with you. We want you to succeed more than anything. So please ask, ask, ask us for help you need.

 Consider this your free advice for becoming more awesome:) imagesCAPYM4XC

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