What’s to Eat

Hi guys! With our upcoming Spring Food Challenge,  I’m going to try to toss as much challenge approved food at you as I can.  Hopefully you will take away some ideas.  Some concoctions may not fancy your taste buds. I am not very picky and tend to mix odd things at times:) But I’ll try to keep it somewhat norm. Here’s some picks from this week.

Poached Eggs


This is a day off kind of breakfast. You need some time to make it. I paired it with fresh fruit and real bacon. I also loves these over mashed or pureed sweet potatoes. You can also just nuke the sweet potato, hollow it out and season it. It’s a great tasting and nutritious addition.

Toast n’ Tea


Good for you morning light weights who don’t typically eat breakfast. This always reminds me of my Nana. There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea and toast. Use real butter, natural peanut butter or unsweetened apple sauce (my Nana’s personal favorite).

Boiled Eggs on Toast


Another quick and easy meal. Pictured here is goat cheese spread over whole grain bread. I recently swapped out the goat cheese for this AMAZING guacamole.


I always make my own because I don’t typically dig pre-made. But this is awesome. Warning: it’s very cilantro heavy. Bentley wants in.

Make It For the Fam

I’m very lucky because Matt and I have the same palate, and he also is very health conscious. But often when cooking dinner, I’ll slim down mine even further. If your cooking for 2, try to think of meals that are appealing to both of you. Or ones you can make subtle changes to make it approved.

Blue Cheese Buffalo Turkey Burgers


My burger came over a salad with a few sweet potatoes.



Matt’s came on bread loaded with blue cheese dressing and extra sweet potatoes.

Side note these are super easy to make.  Just grab sound lean ground turkey and crumbled blue cheese. I added minced onion, salt and pepper and just made into patties. Add hot sauce on top!

Make it for the Week

One ESSENTIAL part of being successful is prepping. I am a HUGE fan of making a big pot of something on a Sunday that I can eat all week. This week it was a Veggie Bean Chili. I just Googled the recipe and mixed a few together. It came out great and has been my lunch all week.



More to come! Hope your off to a good start!

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