Catching Up and Such

Hi friends!! I want to apologize, I have been slack-a-lackin with Blog posts as of recent. Mainly because my kitchen has been superrrrrr uneventful lately. I am definitely more creative in the colder months. Now that the nice-r weather is here, its pretty much grill food and salads.  Cobb salad, chef salad, steak tip salad. And all sorts of grilled meat and veg.CAM01014 (1)

Which it quite delicious, but lacking any mind-blowing creativity.  I’ll get better soon, I promise. And Coach Mel has a superfragilisticexpialidocious quinoa recipe she’s gonna share soon!

So the gym has been hustling! It’s officially 5k season and we already have a few runs and  PR’s under our belts.

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Oh and Kim and Kell D just crushed a 10k this past weekend. Lindsey’s beating everyone in double unders and we have finalllly wrapped up our 8 week food challenge. With some AMAZING results. I can’t wait to share with you all! So proud of the girls who stuck with it! And if you fell off the map, don’t beat yourself up! Hopefully you at least learned a bit about your diet. Because knowing is half the battle right?


That brings me to something I want to chat about.

While there was a significant amount of lbs shed over the 8 weeks. Some found that with all their efforts, they saw little results. So how the heck does one person lose 15lbs, when another loses 1lb?? So frustrating, I know. I am on the slug metabolism train as well.  It sucks. There are a few reasons that this can go on.

The  Disclaimer:)

Lets chat about the diet. Here at KFIT we promote a food plan null of processed carbs and refined sugars of ALL kinds. We promote,  foods made from Mother Nature only, organic when possible. There is 100’s of diets out there, high fat, high protein,  fruit only, veggies only, meat only.  We aren’t specific to one. Reason all are like unique little snowflakes.  And, I am not in the profession of prescribing a certain global diet.  My certifications are not in Nutrition. Do I read a lot on it, yes. I have so many opinions! But that does not make me a professional.  And to be honest, nutrition is like religion.  Everyone thinks their version is the best.  But what works for one does not work for another. The one SOLID theme throughout all of the trending diets, which countless studies support, is that refined sugars sucks. And processed carbs suck. They do not do anything healthy for anyone. This is common knowledge. And this, I am 100% comfortable promoting. So when a person goes from eating them (carbs/refined sugar), to not eating them, they will get results. Period.

You vs. Them

A lot of people who had more success throughout the 8 weeks likely were revamping their entire diet. They switched from refined junk, and simply paid attention to intake. For them, the results are bound to happen.  When you are someone who already eats relatively “clean”, disrupting homeostasis  is a bit more of a challenge. This is typically people hitting a plateau, trying to lose the last amount of fat. Things are going to get a bit a lot tougher. And this is when it gets tricky. I can tell you what works for me, but understand that this is my experience. Our lifestyles are different, our hormones are different, our response to foods are different. You may just need to seek out some advice from a professional. You see a mechanic for your car, why not see a nutritionist for your diet??

Be Honest About Your Efforts

The first thing I need to do when I have fell short of a goal, is be honest with myself. How dedicated was I? Did I really do my best? Was I fully commited? Chances are, the answer is no. We very rarely fail at things we give 100% of our selves to. So it’s important to look at what you may have done wrong. Ya know, so you can learn from it. Because these things take time, everyday you need to be conscious of it. Every day you need to work hard at it. How hard did you work?

Snack Attack

Often when things start to expand in my waist line, its due to excessive snacking. We think as some foods as healthy and therefore throw portions out the window. It’s the humus, the guac, the nut butters, trail mix, protein bars, pirates booty, cheeses sticks or what ever the hell you view as a “healthy” snack. Unfortunately you really have to portion and even cut  out (the booty) if you’re trying to whittle down. I find that when I really pay attention to this, I realize how much I’m randomly snacking between meals. When I nix it and keep portion in control, I immediately see results.

Undress Your Meal

For most of us, when you are close-ish to your goal, you really have to eat clean. Unless you were blessed with some fantastic genes, then you gotta ride the boring train for a bit. I’m talking steamed, boiled, dry seasoned clean. Veggies and lean protein clean. No fatty cheese clean. Kick the croutons and the ketchup clean. Veggies on veggies and more veggies clean.  And water, not wine. You need to eat a lot of those things. Eating becomes a chore. It it not easy, but if your dedicated, you will get results.


I’ve maintained my weight for 3 years. There are moments that I am 110%  committed to really dedicating my life to getting a 6 pack.  But the majority of my moments, I’m pretty OK with being where I am. I am in the best shape of my life and continue to achieve things physically I never thought I could. I love family and food and wine, oh yes wine. And I feel like if I can have this happy life, be fit, and maintain my body.  I’m cool with it.  You have to say to yourself, do you really want it that bad?? Can you commit to the sacrifice that it takes to get there?? And if the answer is no, then be happy where you are! A significant % of clients maintain their weight. Year after year assessment come and go, you are down or up a pound. But you maintain. Through the Summer, through the Holidays, you maintain. No up 10lb, down 10 lbs crap. And that is an ACCOMPISHMENT!! The average person gains 3-4lbs per year!  So be proud of yourself! Focus on making  physical gains, be health conscious (not obsessed) and have fun at your BBQ’s.

Now go enjoy your weekend:)



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One Response to Catching Up and Such

  1. Janet Daley says:

    Great Blog Kerrie! You touched upon quite a few things that I need to think about. Thanks for sharing.


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