Clean Cheats Volume 1

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Does anyone else find they have lack of an appetite in the Summer? For some reason the heat kills my desire for most healthy foods I normally love.  Not a bad problem you think? Hell yes it is. It leaves me wanting Froyo and Coronas all day. I need food. Healthy food. And lots of it! To stay energized, motivated and happy. Happy Kerrie rules. On a normal clean schedule, there’s a lot of things I typically avoid. But with my lack of appetite, I need to make these healthy foods more desirable to get the nutrients I need. So to keep things appealing, some of my eats become clean cheats. Not terrible choices, but not super-duper clean. I’ll add a little something I may not normally eat to spark my taste buds. Here are some things on the plate the past few weeks.

Lettuce Wraps (of any kind)

20140702_202657These are light and fresh and a fun summer dinner. There are so many ways to mix it up. Here I did a Thai style with ground turkey, peanuts, cilantro, fresh veggies and a bunch of Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut Sauce.20140715_113745

Shaved Cheese Steak Mushroom

20140707_204648I have such an obsession with my grilled portabella mushrooms. And this just takes it to the next level. I use Trader Joe’s lean shaved beef and some shredded cheese. 


20140630_205420 (1)Nothing say’s summer like a BLT!! I made some chicken cutlets for this bad boy, where I used almond flour instead of bread crumbs. I also used a tad of yogurt ranch dressing from Trader Joe’s vs. mayo. You can certainly keep it cleaner with grilled chicken. 

Boiled Eggs and Guac


There’s nothing really bad here! These are just great for a quick protein source.  I use that fabulous Trader Joes 1/2 the fat guac. It’s ridiculous. ( Seriously, Trader Joe’s needs to sponsor me)

Fruit Sundae


I need, want, have to have ice cream in the Summer. But I can’t. So to kick this craving I’ll whip up a little fruit, cool whip, nuts and sprinkles in a bowl. It really hits the spot without the calorie or dairy overload.

I try to keep it 80/20 most of the time. Now and then MG and I will eat a whole turtle pie in 2 days… AKA: last night. So this is a great way to keep me in check. I try to keep most meals squeaky clean (no dairy, added sugar, marinades etc) and dinner or a snack clean-ish.

 What’s your favorite Summer clean cheat meal/snack??



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