Rise and Shine

Hello there and Happy Monday! I struggled getting to the gym today. I literally had a 10 min fight in my head. Get up, stay, sleep, its so cozy, you deserve it, no just roll off the bed, do it, you can go later. Man, Mondays are tough to get to the gym. But it’s seriously the BEST day to get there. If I don’t, I regret it! I have to start my week off with a workout. It sets the tone for the whole week. So now and then when the anti-gym demon is winning, I’ll watch this video my friend Mary posted a while back. I’ve watched it 100xs. On repeat. I wish I could play it in my ear drums daily. It makes the hair on my neck rise, it makes me want to do awesome shit. And it motivates me on those tough days. And I hit a PR today, coincidence….maybe?  “Sit up, put your feet on the floor and don’t look back, because we got work to do. Welcome to the grind.”

 On the Menu

So I heart Italian food as most do. We often avoid it because we associate it with pasta, cheese and bread. Plus, who has time to slave over a pot of homemade sauce these days. Luckily, there are ways to clean it up and still keep the Italian taste buds smiling. As far as sauce there are some great organic store options! I pay a bit more for the good stuff. No added sugar and just the basics. Some of them really taste homemade! (Not as good as Moms.) The good thing about an Italian dish is you can always make yours cleaner and give the hubs or kids what they want. Ziti, cheese, garlic bread, whatever. Last week we made up a simple chicken baked in sauce and with a side of steamed green beans. Literally no intelligence required. Chicken, top with sauce and parm(add buffalo mozzarella  on Matt’s because he can eat dairy and have a 6pac). Serve. Not as good as a chicken parm, but it really does hit the spot.


I also made a sausage cacciatore with a bunch veggies I had sitting in the fridge. I really only like sausages this way, they become so tender from the sauce. No pics, we ate all the meat pretty quick.  But I did use the extra sauce over some broccoli as a lunch side.  A nice change up from the Summer salads and a great way to get veggies in. I think my Fall taste buds are moving in early.


Weekly Favorites

Trader Joe’s cold brew! I upgraded my Coffetein with this. It’s absolutely perfect for it! You can just add your almond milk and protein or make a smoothie. Below is 1/2 banana, vanilla GamePlan, powdered PB, almond milk, coffee and  ice. This stuff is life changing. And its SUPER strong so you only need a little!


 Best frozen Trader Joe’s veggies. AWESOME  in eggs, stir fry, anything! I go through a bag a week!

20140724_105137 20140724_105150

My new Crock pot!! Shredded chicken and salsa was the first dish in this bad boy. Some recipes to come!


 Share with me some of your favorite Crock pot recipes please!!!

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  1. jayjato says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing it.


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