Anxiety and Exercise

Hey everyone!  Coach Mel here! I wanted to chat with you about some personal stuff on this lovely Tuesday. So one thing you may not know about me is that I suffer from anxiety.


Some of you may be thinking, “No way, Mel is the coolest, most together person I know” (which is true).  But there are times when that is what I show on the outside, when really on the inside I’m a prisoner of my own mind.  I’ve dealt with this since I was younger.  It would come on before specific events which would generally be easier to control cause I knew it was coming (first day of school, cheer leading competition, etc…).  Then there were times when it would come out of no where, when I felt absolutely fine. Those were the ones that were harder to deal with because I had no idea why I was feeling that way.

As I got older I was able to find ways to deal with anxiety.  I talked to a therapist for a while which really helped and made me realize that I was not a crazy person (at least not in that sense).  And then I found exercise.  And I’m not talking about just hitting a Planet Fitness and jogging a treadmill, I found KFIT.  It was just what the doctor ordered!  After joining, so many areas of my life started coming together.  I was becoming a better me.  Not just on the outside, but on the inside.  My anxiety was few and far between.  My blood pressure lowered significantly (that will be a topic for a future blog).  Everything was falling into place and it was wonderful!

However, lately my anxiety has come back and the attacks have been more frequent then I would like.  I had a lot going on this past year, from planning a wedding to some family issues which obviously added to my anxiety, and through all this I wasn’t getting to KFIT like I normally do.  All these things combined were just the ingredients needed to fuel my anxiety.  And sometimes the last thing I want to do when I feel this way is exercise.  I just want to sit at home on WebMD and self-diagnose all the things I think are wrong with me (true story).  But exercise can make such a big difference.  And not just in cases of anxiety or depression but just lack of motivation.  There is always going to be a reason NOT to get to the gym, even though once we are there we feel great and that feeling carries with us in our daily lives.  I find on the days that I feel anxious, that coming to class really does help me relax and feel better.  It takes my mind off of whatever may be worrying me, it allows me to interact with all my great friends that are there, and it gives me confidence that I can beat this anxiety and I will not let it consume my life.  One thing I’ve learned is that having anxiety is nothing to be ashamed off.  I used to feel like I was a crazy and was so embarrassed that this “thing” had such control over my mind.  But I’m stronger than that and I will not let this thing beat me!

So what I have done recently to help with this? Well for starters I got my ass back to the gym which immediately helped!  I have surrounded myself with an amazing support system, especially my new husband who married me even though the week before the wedding I swore I had erectile dysfunction.

But seriously, I just wanted to share this part of me with all of you.  So many people go through life dealing with things and think that they are alone and you’re not.  One thing about KFIT, if you haven’t figured it out already, is that we are more than just a gym.  We are friends, we are family, and sometimes therapists.  And no that doesn’t mean you can start charging me $50 an hour Hennessy!

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