5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out This Holiday Season

When the holidays roll around, it’s always a little more difficult to stick with your healthy habits, like eating right and going to the gym, especially when there are so many opportunities to eat, drink and be merry. But, of course, the holidays only come once a year, so there’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself a little, but be sure to get your butt to KFIT to burn off some of those extra sugar cookie calories! That said, here are five tips to help you stay motivated to work out this holiday season!

KFIT Bootcamp

Find a workout buddy and text them at all hours of the day

Ok, don’t text your workout buddy in the middle of the night, but regular communication between you and a workout buddy (or buddies) is a great way to stay motivated through the New Year. For instance, if you text your workout buddy right before an early-morning workout or make plans to meet at the 4:30 class, you can’t blow each other off, so you’re more likely to stick to a consistent workout routine. Plus, sending text messages back and forth will keep exercise and healthy living top of mind, so when the mid-afternoon slump rolls around and you’re not in the mood to move, you’re more likely to drive to KFIT than sit on the couch.

Keep it short (and sweaty)

When things get busy during the holiday season (shopping, baking, decorating, parties, wrapping presents), you probably don’t have as much time to exercise. Instead of skipping your workout all together, do short, high-intensity workouts that torch calories and leave you a sweaty mess by the end. Even in just 30 minutes (hello, KFIT Express classes), you can still get an effective workout!

Keep your workout clothes with you at all times

It’s tough to make excuses when you have everything you need to exercise, right? So, in the weeks leading up until the New Year, try packing your gym clothes in your work bag, keeping them in the trunk of your car, or putting them on as soon as you get home. That way, you’re more likely to ‘just do it’ when it comes to your workout. Sometimes putting on your workout gear is half the battle, so once you’re in them, you might as well put them to use!

Rise and shine

Even though you might not be a morning person, getting in a sweat session first thing in the day is a great way to fit in a workout. Sure, it’s tough to get out of bed at that hour of the day, but once you’re up and moving, you’re guaranteed to feel good. No one ever regrets a workout, right? Plus, a heart-pumping and energizing workout is such an awesome way to start your morning and it sets a healthy tone for the rest of your day. I mean, you already worked out while most people are still snoozing! With the craziness of the holiday season, exercise is usually the first thing to get dropped from your day, so try a morning workout as an excuse-proof way to stick to your exercise routine.

Use a little bribery

Another way to motivate yourself this holiday season is with a little bribery. Say if you work out 3 times in one week, you treat yourself to a new headband (JUNK and BIC Bands make some really great ones – both sold at KFIT) or download a few new songs as a way to keep your exercise motivation rolling. A little bribery never hurt anyone, right? And, hey, if that’s what it takes to get you to the gym, it’s money well spent!

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