More Holiday Tips to Stay on Track

Our goal over the next few months (and always) is to keep you EXTRA motivated to avoid the dreaded Holiday weight gain. Here are some more great tip form Coach Kell to keep it together over the next few months!

Thanksgiving and Christmahanukwanzakah Motivation!

Hey hey lovely ladies! I can’t believe it is the end November already and Thanksgiving is this weeks! Where is the time going?!?Thanksgiving humor


Anyway, I was talking to someone the other day (don’t worry, this was not at Kfit) and she mentioned that she just completely gives up between Halloween and New Year’s… “no point in even trying for those few months”, right? WRONG! This is an excuse… a really crappy excuse. Don’t give up on eating healthy and working out because of the holidays. So you stole some chocolate from your innocent kids after they fell asleep on Halloween and washed it down with a few pumpkin beers… that’s alright. No reason to throw out the next 2 months! Enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Eat the amazing mashed potatoes and extra fattening delicious green bean casserole on Thanksgiving and then get back at it after the holiday is over! It is only ONE day out of the month. And if you have some cookies and eggnog, don’t let that be your excuse to spiral out of control. We all need to indulge from time to time. What sets the awesomely strong apart from everyone else is that we don’t let those silly indulgences bring us down. We eat our cookies (in moderation) and then crush it at the gym!db5c03ad184d5c27e80378b611fd95a4

Think about where you want to be January 1st… Pretty sure no one is sitting there thinking, “I hope I gain 10 pounds and can’t button my pants by the time January rolls around.” Yes, the holidays are a tough time to stay on track, but not an impossible time. Please don’t use the holidays as an excuse! Don’t fall off the map! We want to see your faces in the gym!

Of course I fully understand that December naturally becomes the busiest, most stressful time of the year. Here are some tips to (hopefully) keep you ladies motivated and on track.

  • Stick to your routine. If you normally come to class Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 PM, then stick with it, even during this crazy month. The mall is practically open 24/7 during December so you can go get Tickle Me Elmo, or whatever the kids want these days, during one of the other 23 hours in the day!
    • Does your work holiday party land on a day you normally come? Lucky for you, KFIT is open 6 days/week, so if something falls on a day you normally come, plan ahead of time and figure out another day THAT SAME WEEK that you will get to the gym!
  • Traveling for the holidays? Take advantage of these awesome blog workouts. Many of these workouts are short (no excuses) and sweet but ultra-effective!!
  • Do you know how many parks are in and around Weymouth?!? SO MANY AWESOME PLACES!! How lucky are we??? Leash your dogs, put your kids in a jogging stroller, and head to one of these awesome parks. Maybe ask your KFIT buddies to meet you for a little workout! And please, please don’t use the weather as an excuse to not get outside! Fresh air, even cold fresh air, is good for the soul!
    • Great Esker – Hello Hills! Hello Nice Bum!
    • Wompatuck – Awesome trails for biking, trail running, or just walking
    • Blue Hills – For someone that wants a more challenging hike/walk
    • Pond Meadow- 2ish mile loop and plenty of opportunity for an awesome workout
    • Bare Cove- Great place to take the dogs or run, bike, rollerblade (oh yes, I said rollerblade because I really want a pair for myself!!)
    • Webb Park – Ocean views, Boston skyline views… need I say more?
    • Pond Meadow- hill sprints! Push it on the way up, recover on the way down.

Workout buds at Great Esker. Nice bums boys!


Post workout nap!!  (Shameless way of including the CUTEST pup everrrr on the blog! J)


  • Sign up for the Dreamcatcher Road Race on Thanksgiving morning. This is a great race for newbies because there is a 2 mile option and gives you a goal to work towards.
  • Sign up for the December Road Race (Cambridge Yulefest)! I’ll even buy you a free beer after the race!
  • Read fitness blogs or follow some awesomely fit peeps on IG. I don’t know about you chicks but reading someone else’s success story gives me a serious boost of motivation!
  • Set a 4 week goal!!! Try to accomplish that goal between Thanksgiving and New Years. You won’t reach your goal unless you work it. Need some ideas for goals? Ask a coach! 🙂
  • Plan your meals for the week. There are more temptations during this time of the year but if you’re prepared, you might be able to avoid some of them.

I hope you ladies stay motivated during the next 7 weeks. You’ll feel so much better come January 1st if you just stay on track at least 80% of time! And if you need more help staying motivated, ASK A COACH!! We want to see you ladies succeed and we would do anything to help you get to where you want to be!

Thanks Kell for the awesome info! One last tip! Here’s my secret to  keeping food in check! You need to enjoy your time with family and not sweat the food so much! Keep your portions in control and you wont feel like a swollen tick for the next few days! Make it a mini! I plan on making these  mini pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. How cute!



The KFIT Team

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