5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fitness-Loving Mom

Happy holidays, KFIT-ers!

Do you have a fitness-loving mom on your holiday shopping list this year? Are you struggling to find an awesome gift for her? Well, look no further! Here are five ideas that she will love because they will help keep her healthy and active!

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fitness-Loving Mom

Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone UP24 is so cool. (Check out my detailed review here!) It is the perfect gift for a numbers-oriented mom who might be looking to increase her daily activity. The wristband will track her movement and sleeping patterns as well as her food intake—via MyFitnessPal—so she’ll have constant feedback on her habits, which then will help keep her motivated to achieve her weight loss and fitness goals. You might even want to put it on your own holiday list!

Lug Cartwheel Gym Duffel

If you want to give the fitness-loving mom some instant fitness motivation, get her a new gym bag, like the Lug Cartwheel Gym Duffel, which (bonus) doubles as a diaper bag. I used to carry three bags to KFIT when I took my son along with me: my purse, my gym bag, and his diaper bag, which, as you can imagine, was crazy-complicated and just way too much stuff to bring with me. I’ve since consolidated everything into this one gym duffel, and it has been amazing for keeping everything organized since it has a ton of different compartments and pockets to hold everything I might need before, during, and after a trip to the gym. And this bag comes in 10 different colors, so you can pick mom’s favorite hue for a guaranteed winning gift!

JUNK Headband

Oh, how I love JUNK headbands! I wear them to work out all the time– mostly to keep my hair off my face, but also because they look cool. (I know, I’m so fashionable.) JUNK offers so many awesome, vibrant-colored designs, you could wear a different one every day of the month and never get bored with them. These headbands are also great to wear outside of the gym– when you’re running errands or just hanging out at home. They make messy hair look presentable! Haha! KFIT sells JUNK headbands and you can buy them online. I personally love the Flex-Tie since you can tie them as tight as you’d like and they totally stay put during workouts.

Reebok YO-GA Hoodie

I am totally obsessed with my YO-GA hoodie. It’s incredibly comfy and cozy, and I wear it all the time. It says ‘YO’ on the front and ‘GA’ on the back, so it would be an awesome gift for a yoga-loving mom. She can wear it to and from yoga class as well as running errands around town since it’s also quite fashionable!


Yonanas is a healthy, easy-to-use “ice-cream” maker that uses frozen bananas (as well as mango, peaches, berries and other fruit) to make nutritious, low-calorie soft serve. You also can add ingredients like dark chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and peanut butter to create an even more delicious treat. A bowl of Simply Yonanas (1/2 cup serving) is only 100 calories. You can’t beat that for dessert! And, best of all, kids love Yonanas too! This machine would be great healthy eating motivation for the whole family!

Happy Shopping!

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