A Tall Glass of Motivation

Hello there snow birds! I will not comment about this weather. I just refuse to….



OK there. I said it. Moving on.

Rewind 6 weeks….we kicked off a Food Challenge, everyone was pumped up on life and achieving shit and setting goals. Hi 5s and Yolo’s all around.  Fast forward  6 weeks….


Cats are funny.

Where are you now? Have you thrown in the towel? Given up on your goals?

I get it, it’s tough. It is not as easy to snap into a Slim Jim as the Ultimate Warrior makes it look. I want to eat all the carbs, all the chocolate and drink all the wine. Then cry a little. Yes, that happened. In times of stress, it’s easy to derail. So we have a little snow party fun, OK several snow parties. Then next thing you know a few weeks have gone by. See how that works? Often, we parley 1-2 nights of fun or a single snow day into a WHOLE ENTIRE week of no self-control. Maybe waiting for a Monday to “start again”. Then Mother Nature hits you with another 100 ft of snow. BAM! Didn’t see that coming. So now because of a few snow days ( like 6) we gave up 20 days in between, where we could have been good.  That’s almost 3 weeks, which is almost a month. Which is A LOT OF FREAKIN TIME! Because 20 good days and 6 bad days, is better than TWENTY SIX BAD DAYS. JUST STOP IT. STOP THE MADNESS. DON’T DO THAT. EVER. THIS PRINT MEANS IM YELLING AT YOU. You are stronger than that, you got to keep it together, because there is always going to be something pushing to derail you.

So, first stop beating yourself up.

You got to get past the it’s all or nothing. Having a bad meal is shameful. This results in the throw-in-the-towel mentality.  I had a bad day and its only Tuesday, I suck, I mine as well nose dive into a plate of nachos. I love nachos. But this is  life. Heading out with friends and indulging in good food and drink is OK! It’s all about what makes you feel good. Just find the balance. Because we know eating like that every day, doesn’t make us feel good.  It makes us feel like a swollen tick. A  moody swollen tick.  And want to kill people. That just me?  Maybe I should do a study. Serial killers most likely ate ALL junk food. I’m sure of it. Ted Bundy did not eat kale. Anyways… its all about being consistent.

Then, take it day by day.

If I know I’m going to head out for a pizza and some draft beers, I keep my breakfast, lunch and snacks squeaky clean. This helps eliminate the swollen tick response. I pick up the next day with a good breakfast. This is super important. Because a night out always wants to sneak into the next day. She’s so greedy. Don’t let her. A healthy breakfast is what will keep you on track. So listen, if you eat 21 meals in a week, and 3 of them are crappy. Is it gonna kill ya? No. Are you gonna look like Kelly Ripa? Probably not. But, it is A LOT better than allowing all those meals in between go to shyte. Simple math. Just do well when you can. Be consistent. Getting the theme here?

LAST, GET TO THE GAHD DAMN GYM (again yelling)

I am here to tell you, one workout matters. As with the food, we often throw in the towel with workouts. If it’s Thursday and we didn’t get their yet, aww….Ill just start next week. NO! We all know how hard it is to start over after a week, or two weeks off. So YES, that one day matters! Every workout matters. It will mentally make you  feel good, which will affect everything else you do for the day.  So pack your gym bag everyday with the intention of getting here. And don’t think of 1 day as not worth it. It is. Besides, I am personally offended when you don’t come see me. And offending people is not nice.

Hope to see your smiling Vitamin D deficient faces at the gym:)

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