The Many Reasons Why Kfit Is So Much More Than a Gym!

It is hard for me to put into words how much KFIT means to me. I’m so fortunate to coach at this amazing gym. Every day, I’m given the opportunity to meet awesome, strong, amazing women through KFIT. I get to work out next to my best friends and my “boss” is pretty awesome also. This post is to give some insight to new or prospective clients as to why KFIT is so much more than gym, plus it is a big fat THANK YOU to Kerrie (tears are encouraged)! I also think veteran clients will enjoy it too!

As many of you already know, I’m not from Massachusetts. I moved here about 4.5 years ago. I moved up here knowing 1 (yes, 1) person. Needless to say, it was one of the most exciting, yet scary and stressful decisions I’ve ever made. I had my fair share of ups and downs throughout my first year of living up here. I was a lot more homesick than I ever imagined I would be and I really had to rely on my 1 friend to introduce me to other people. I started KFIT exactly one year after moving to Massachusetts and everything changed after that for so many reasons. It was kind of the first thing I did for myself without my one buddy! It pushed me outside my comfort zone but I gained so much from it. I really didn’t know how long I expected to stick it out. Almost immediately, I was addicted to the workouts and I was excited by the results. All the while, I started to get to know some awesome people, which I really wasn’t expecting at all. I’ve gotten so much closer to Kerrie and Mel because of KFIT. I have no family in Massachusetts but I know I can depend on these chicks just like they were my family. As life goes, I’ve had some tough situations arise over the last few months and without KFIT, I would have been a complete mess. The KFIT community banded around me and I just can’t thank you all enough.

KFIT is so much more than a gym. It is a community of really amazing people. I’ve met some great, lifelong friends here. There is so much laughter behind those doors. And of course, there is so much strength. We work hard and push each other through some tough workouts. I mean, there is nothing more therapeutic than a tough workout, right? We motivate each other, give each other high fives, and cheer for one another. We try to beat one another, which only makes each of us stronger. We encourage each other to try the 14” box jump or lose the band on the pull-ups. We share recipes and food tips. And we reach out to one other to let each other know that you have a friend. Life has its ups and downs but I’ve seen KFIT come together to offer support to its community. I’ve never been a part of anything as close knit as KFIT. It is so awesome and I am lucky to be part of this fit family.

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Of course, as a coach, I may be biased so I’ve recruited a few lovely KFitters to explain why they feel that KFIT is so much more than a gym.

Oh Kfit, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…lol!  Seriously though where do I begin…I don’t know how I can sum up in a few sentences just how much I love Kfit and the amazing women that I’ve met but I will try.  Joining Kfit was the best decision I’ve ever made for so many reasons.  Not only did it help me get in the best shape of my life both inside and out but it brought into my life the best friends a girl could ask for.  You don’t think at this age you’ll meet and make new “best friends”.  I know you meet people and form relationships but I never thought I would form the bonds that I have with the women I’ve met at Kfit.  You all hold such a special place in my heart.  One thing I always tell new clients during an intro when they ask about what we’re like, I always say Kfit is so much more than a gym, we’re a family, we’re best friends, and once you start you can never leave, lol!!  Love you girls to pieces xo – Coach Mel ( I know I said I was gathering “unbiased” opinions, but I couldn’t write this post without including my sistah from another mistah and fellow coach!)

I joined KFIT around 2 years ago for the sole purpose of losing weight for my wedding. I joined for the sole purpose of losing, when in actuality, I gained. Over the past 2 years I gained confidence, determination, muscles, personal fitness goals, a new and healthier way of eating and most importantly, a network of women who I consider awesome friends. KFIT is more than just a gym because of the women it is comprised of. It’s impossible to not make friends while working out with girls who are positive, uplifting and motivating; pushing you to finish strong during a workout even after everyone else has finished. And those friendships now stretch out past just the gym walls into everyday life. So I guess I can say in a way I have gained more than I lost  – Linds Horick (Thurston)

As many people already know, I’m a West Virginia girl. I met my New England husband when I was living in the DC area. We decided we wanted to move closer to family- so our options were Massachusetts or West Virginia- it was a no brainer. The only downfall was that I didn’t know many people up here. After we moved up, a coworker of mine told me about this all women’s Boot Camp, KFIT. I went to try it out and from Day 1, I felt included. Since then, it has been such an amazing experience. I have been a member of other gyms, but nothing has ever made me more motivated to get up and go to the gym. Kerrie pushes me to do better and I am achieving more than I ever thought was possible. I ran my first 5K, which I thought was impossible, and since then- have ran a half a dozen more plus a 5 mile Spartan Race! And most importantly, I have met some amazing people that I am lucky to call my friends. Not only am I excited to go to the gym to exercise, but I am excited to hang out with everyone. I am beyond grateful I found KFIT. ❤ -Casey

KFIT is more than just a gym. It’s a place where I go to escape and clear my mind. A place where I know I’m going to leave feeling better than I did walking in the door. More importantly, it’s a place where I’m going to sweat, laugh and spend time with friends who have the same interests and goals as I do. These women inspire me to push harder, work faster, increase my weight and stride for that one last rep. We support each other both inside and outside the gym. They constantly keep me motivated and encourage me to stick with it, whether it’s during a workout or in my personal life. I can always count on them for an ear to listen, a good laugh, a ridiculous text or a much needed kick in the ass. We push each other to exceed outside the gym by running races as a team, dropping in on a new fitness class together and making sure there’s always time for a Bloody Mary or a crazy night out! I can’t imagine life without the one-of-a-kind Kfit coaches, my “super smart” Kfit work out buddy, the Blonde Squad and the incredible OG ladies who are always up for putting in that extra OT! Kfit is more than just a gym, it’s my second family and I am grateful to have developed such amazing friendships with these bad ass chicks! -Lisa R.

The Blonde Squad

The Blonde Squad

I have been part of Kfit for almost a year now. My only regret is not joining sooner! Kfit Bootcamp has (and continues to) challenge me not only physically but mentally every day. Just when I feel like I can’t complete a work out, Kerrie, Mel, Kel and the rest of the Kfit girls are there to push me through. I’m so proud to be part of such a supportive community of women that build each other up. I have been lucky enough to have created great friendships with the ladies of the gym and I look forward to our work outs together! I actually have a case of crazy anxiety when I miss a class! The coaches are a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. And Kerrie has created this great environment and I’m so honored to call her my friend! (She’s so cool!) Honestly I would be lost with these ladies! Kfit…you complete me! We are family…Kfit family! –Colleen (Coco) D.

Recipe Swap

Recipe Swap

Why is Kfit more than a gym to me…to me Kfit isn’t just a gym, it’s a sisterhood. It’s a place where although each of our individual goals may be different, we all still share the same passion for fitness & health. It’s a place where all your other classmates & your coaches are you biggest cheerleaders no matter how “small” you may think your victory is. It’s a place where life-long friends are made. Because of these things and for our coaches Kerrie, Kel & Mel, I’ve been a Kfitter for 3.5 years now. Kfit has been there for me from everything to planning my wedding to coming back from maternity leave. I would never dream of joining a regular old “gym” (I never stayed committed to them anyways). I’m staying right here at my happy place…Kfit xoxoxo -Kerry “KDubs” Schunder

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I have been a member of KFit for 2 ½ years and through this time I have made some lifelong friends. I started KFit because I wanted a different type of work out. I was sick of the same old same old at the gym. Kfit has helped me to reach my goal for my wedding and has also showed me discipline. The people I have met through the years at KFit have made such a large impression on me. Personally I know I can always count on my girls to have my back with any personal issues. If I was to go missing from the gym for a few days, there will be at least one person contacting me to make sure everything is ok, wondering where I am. There is nowhere in the world that friends are going to help you get back into the swing of the gym if you fall off the wagon. I thank KFit every day for the life changes it has made on me and for all the great friends I have made. –Julie D.

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What does Kfit mean to me? Well to me….its a lifestyle and a Family. I can’t even imagine not having Kfit in my life, not only to be fit…but it helps me to keep my emotions in check. Kfit is so much more than a fitness center to me. It’s where I can end my stressful work days. It’s where I can see my friends. It’s where I can bitch and laugh and have fun and get fit all at the same time. I have made so many friends and most are friends I know I will grow old with. These women are my best friends. I recently had a bout of “birthday depression” and all the coaches reached out to me (seperately..I don’t even think one knew the other was also doing it!) and encouraged me and made me feel…well…loved. Aside from the coaches, all Kfitters are an important part of my life…and a few in particular I know will be by my side for a very very long time. And for that I could not be more thankful to have found Kfit Bootcamp. –Chrissy Villa

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First and foremost I am incredibly proud of Kerrie for following her dreams and building KFIT from the ground up!! That in itself takes a lot of balls and heart, two things she has an abundance of.  She is the best coach, motivator, comedian and personal therapist a girl could ask for. I am lucky to call her my Bestie for over ten years! I started KFIT in the beginning when she was renting space at Energy Studio and we have come a long way from dips on chairs, lugging gallons of water, pushing the tire around and running laps around the building risking our lives whenever the doors to 7-11 and the Chinese food place would open. I’m thankful for all that we did back then because it brought us to where we are now, and that is kicking ass in the new space, throwing up weight like the beasts we are all becoming.  KFIT is so much more than a gym. The friendships, the smiles, the conversations, the encouragement, not to mention the incredibly hard work that we all put in make it so unique.  I NEVER feel bad after a workout. I feel like I may die sometimes (in a good way) but no doubt I feel strong, accomplished and hungry for more.  I freaking love it and the I love how my body feels and I won’t stop anytime soon that’s for damn sure. KFIT FO LIFE – Emily S.

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How awesome are these posts?!? Amazing. I just wish I could have included something from every single member because I know we all have a story. When I read these testimonials to the KFIT community, I just felt so proud to be part of something so special. It is so inspiring to read other journeys that have similar outcomes. I know I’ll never get this type of support or sense of community at any other gym, because no other gym is KFIT! So thank you ladies for being my Massachusetts family and thank you, Kerrie for 3.5 tremendous years.


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