Do I Need To Be Fit To Try KFIT?

Well Hello there! Chances are if you reading this, you’ve been peaking curiously into the KFIT world from time to time. Maybe a tad bit frightened and yet intrigued by what you see. Are you thinking “I need to get in shape before I try KFIT”?  We hear this a lot! And guess what? We understand! You haven’t worked out since ’82, and the word Boot Camp alone is intimidating. Then you see these big weights being tossed around and girls jumping on big boxes. Yikes! Of course your initial reaction is to run the other way (or power walk depending on your fitness level). So today we want to really dive into the question…do you need some work before you start KFIT? The answer…. well, maybe!

A Little Bit About Us

As a Physical Therapy Assistant, we started KFIT with the idea of creating a class that got women moving how their bodies were meant to move. At KFIT, we want to get women FIT. Our focus is on functional and preventative exercise to improve aliments stemming from our evolved lifestyle (think 8 hours in and office chair.)  So while your goals may be to get skinny, our goal is to get you in kick butt shape!  Our classes encompass strength, conditioning,  mobility and endurance training in a supportive environment.  Most women’s classes involve coordinated dance routines or require an attention span greater than a gnat.  Most of our clients have neither of those. KFIT is an extremely effective style of fitness anyone can adapt to. Resulting in more than just a decrease in pants size.

So You’re a Newbie on the Scene….

Let us start by stating, we do not expect anyone to walk through the doors of our gym and be perfect. I mean we wouldn’t hop behind a stylist chair and give you the haircut of your dreams, right? No, that would be quite scary. Exercising is a skill like anything else! If you have never performed these movements, it takes time to become efficient.  With that being said, in a typical class we have girls varying from ages 16-65.  So it is super important we are able to scale any movement right down to a jumping jack.  This is something we pride ourselves on at KFIT. Our Staff is incredibly in tune with each client’s individual needs. We are very efficient in providing a great workout for our advanced clients, while at the same time providing a newbie with the extra care and guidance they need.

How Do We Do That?

That’s easy! From the start, we are going to scale weight (if we give you any at all), number of repetitions, and implement lots of rest for new Kfitters.  Our priority for a new client is quality of movement vs. intensity. We do not want newbies to feel too exerted  in the beginning. Not to say you wont get a good workout! But you must first become a good mover, period. Beyond that we scale the moves for different levels. Scaling really is for everybody! Whether you are new, have past injuries, a medical condition, a baby on board… you get the idea. There are always options to scale a workout to each individual’s level.  To further give you an idea,  let’s go ahead and take a look at some movements that typically cause apprehension in the new KFIT client. We have hired some professional models to help. Unfortunately they had a schedule conflict, so we went ahead with our back up models.

Box Jumps

Normal response: “You want me to jump on that without breaking my face??” Man do these bring out the fear, especially with our older clients. Coming off the ground with two feet is actually a reflex that begins to diminish with age. We don’t want it to.  So the act of jumping on a big box, isn’t just because we like to torture you. It has far more benefits than simply making you break a sweat.  So eventually, we would like to see you using this reflex. We will start you on an 8″ step and go from there. Maybe stepping up and down to start. You may never actually jump up. And we are OK with that. Why? Many things may limit jumping for a client.  Bad knees, hips or ankles, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, achilles issues, bladder issues, or just the pure fear of falling flat on your face. We’re not here to make you feel inadequate. The good thing is, everyone is capable of stepping up and down on a box. And if step ups are a better fit for your body, then that’s exactly what you are going to do. With pride.


              20″                                                  12″                                                      8″

Barbell Movements

A typical class incorporates various Barbell movements.  From the outside these puppies can look a bit scary! Most react with “I could never lift those big weights!” (Ps: you can and will) But, as a new KFitter-on-the-block, you would be using an empty barbell (15lbs-think a bag of groceries) or Dumbbells.  As stated before, we focus solely on technique and perfection with movement.  Many of us, at the start of anything new, have poor mechanics due to lack of mobility, strength or just overall poor body awareness.  So keeping weight manageable is important. Further more, dumbbells are going to allow us to have a bit more freedom of movement. So we can work on getting your positioning better with dumbbells first, before advancing to a more restrictive barbell grip. Dumbbells are also great for any client at any level that may have past or present injuries in the upper extremity.  Or just a baby on board!


                   35lb                                                 15lb                                      10lb

Kettle Bell Swings

One of our favorite strength and conditioning tools at KFIT is the Kettlebell. Talk about functional, these get your heart rate up, improve mobility and strength all in one. Here we show how we could scale the Kettlebell swing. As always, we are going to start with a light (10-15lb). We practice both Russian swings (half swing) and American swings (full swing), although new clients will always start with the Russian swing.  Some of our clients may maintain the Russian swing if it is better for their shoulders or back. Clients will always work on precise technique before increasing their weight.


  30lb                                                   25Lb                                                       15lb

          American                                                                                                         Russian        

Pull ups

Wait what? Yes, pull ups. Can’t do them? Welcome to the mass population.  But, you will find nothing tones the upper body like a pull up! For newbs, we often start with a TRX row or bicep curl, this move is going to hit all the muscles needed for a pull up and strengthen the core.  From there, we advance to a banded pull up. These will help you progress, as you grow stronger, your band tension will decrease. Until wa-lah! OK, so not that easy! We often spend years going through these progressions!

IMG_1928TRX Rows



 Band Assisted Pull ups (See, look how much fun Villa is having!)

IMG_1923Non Assisted Pull ups (Linds takes this move pretty seriously)

These are just a handful of ways we modify movements in our gym for various levels! And there are many, many more! But lets talk about instances were Group Classes may NOT be a good fit for you.

Personal Training

OK, we certainly do a great job catering to all levels in our Group Class. But, there are several reasons why Personal Training may be a better fit for you.

1) A past medical history or past injuries causing multiple limitations. Scaling around a back or shoulder injury is one thing. But if you have a medical history longer than OJ Simpsons criminal record,  we are doing you a disservice by tossing you in a group setting. Having a one on one personalized program that is written specifically for you is going to benefit you much more.

2) Long term inactivity or apprehension in groups. Hey, group training is not for everyone! Maybe you have’t worked out since the kids graduated (20 yrs ago) and you are just, well, scared! Or maybe you just prefer the special attention. That’s OK! We are happy to accommodate.

Small Group Training

This class is great for all of the above reasons! Maybe you have a few friends who are interested in starting their fitness journey as well! The small group provides the same benefits of a one on one, at less of a price.

Transition Class Pass

This is for the in-betweener. You are still unsure about Group Classes, but you know you want to get there quickly. Our Transition Class, a small group class, does just that!  Here we focus on bringing you through all the fundamental movements you see in a Group Class while building up your overall tolerance to exercise again.

Still Unsure? Our Free Intro Classes are a great way to come see for yourself!

Last we want you to know, KFIT is FUN! In a crazy, get your butt-kicked-but-like-it kind of way. The best thing about this facility is that as an all women’s gym, there is SO much positive support. Just look here!

Plus our fantastic staff is here to provide you with the best Coaching around!

We hope this has helped to shed some light on how we work. We truly believe there is an active body in all of us waiting to be awakened.  Our goal is to help you, no matter what stage of your life “Discover Your Strength”.




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