Running Tips for Newbies!

Happy Spring ladies! FINALLY! You know what spring means to KFIT, right? Official kick-off to road race season!

Marshfield roadrace

First official race of the season!

During intros, we always ask what goals clients want to reach and a common goal is to run a road race. As coaches, our primary objective is help each and every one of you to accomplish your goals. Running your first road race can seem really daunting, but here are some tips to help you reach that goal!

Train Smart

Think back to your very first class at Kfit or even your intro class. Were you push pressing 65lbs, swinging a 30lb kettlebell, and crushing an 18” box jump? I can say with absolute certainty that you weren’t because as coaches, we scale you. Is that to say you won’t get to this level at some point? No! But we don’t want to set unrealistic expectations for you during your first week in the gym. Not only would it put you at risk for injury, but we also don’t want anyone to get discouraged. It takes time to build strength, endurance, and confidence.

The same thought process should go into running. Instead of having coaches there to scale the run to your abilities, it is up to you to have an understanding for your body and skill level. If you’re a novice, don’t set out to run 3 straight miles tomorrow. You’re putting your body at risk for injury and you will likely get discouraged to find that 3 miles feels more like 10 when you’re just starting out (or if you’ve taken a 6 month hiatus from running)! When we get discouraged, many of us get down on ourselves and give up, so we want you to think of setting yourself up for success rather than failure!

So you might be asking yourself what training smart for your first 5k means. We recommend that you start by using a walk/run method. One really effective way to incorporate the walk/run method is to do timed intervals of walking and running. If you’re really new to running and really intimidated, try walking more than running. Ex. 2 minute Power walk (not a leisurely stroll in the park), 1 minute jog, 2 minute power walk, 1 minute jog. This allows your body to have some recovery time and it makes the task less daunting. As you continue training, you can start increasing your jog time. Ex. 2 minute Power Walk, :90 jog, 2 minute Power Walk, :90 jog. Eventually you can get down to equal parts walk/jog, with the end goal of jogging more than walking. This works great on a treadmill or at the track.

There is nothing wrong with incorporating an active rest time into your first 5k. We need to break ourselves of the all or nothing mentality. Finishing a 5K is an awesome accomplishment and it is no less awesome if you have to power walk some of it in order to finish. As you become a more efficient runner, your goals can change! Your next goal may be to run the entire distance and then from there, you may start thinking of pace and PR’s.


Also, along the lines of training smart is to build your miles slowly over time. Even experienced 5K runners probably wouldn’t wake up tomorrow and run a half marathon without training first. Whether you are running your first 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon, you want to build the miles slowly to avoid injury.

Find a running partner

Some people love to run alone, but many of us prefer to have a friend by our side. Even better is to have a partner that keeps you committed and helps push your limits. What is one of the best features of KFIT? Our community. Whether you’re training for your first 5K, running a half marathon or even training for a marathon, there is always someone at the gym that is willing to train with you! For every 5 people that dislike running, there is 1 crazy person that loves it! While in class, ask if anyone is interested in running more. Post it on the FB Weymouth Runners Group page. Recruit a non-KFIT friend to run with you. There are some seriously great parks around Weymouth (here’s a reminder of what Weymouth/Hingham has to offer) so set aside an hour for yourself and meet your buddy for a Sunday morning jog! Be sure to dedicate time to building those miles!

**Side Note: Please post your runs to the Weymouth Runners page. If you’re meeting a friend for a run, extend the invite to our community of runners via the FB page! Posting to this page also motivates others to get outside so lets start utilizing this page more now that the weather is getting nicer!

Get to class

Besides the fact that we love seeing all of you on a daily basis, KFIT classes are programmed in a way that will help build your endurance. Rowing, kettlebells, box jumps, and burpees (just to name a few) help condition you for running road races! There is a method to our madness! Plus, you know we love incorporating some outdoor running into our workouts as the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, so be sure to get to class in addition to training for you run.



We tend to talk ourselves out of events we haven’t registered for by saying we’re not ready yet. We’ve all done it… A race gets posted to the Weymouth Runners page, “yes, this will definitely be my first race. I’ll register next week.” We don’t register the next week or the following week and before we know it, the race has come and gone and we didn’t run it. How can we combat this? Register immediately! Once you’re registered, you’re committed and hopefully more committed to training.


The vast majority of us (coaches included) run road races for fun. They have become social gatherings for us and they’ve really allowed the KFIT community to bond outside of the gym. So we really want to encourage all of our members to sign up for one event this year and come have fun with the best crew in the world!

Sunny, warmer days have finally made an appearance and the majority of the snow has melted so it is time to throw the excuses out the window and hit the pavement. Our next race is Run for Charlotte on 4/26 in Braintree. This is a great event and one that KFIT is honored to sponsor so we really hope to see a huge KFIT presence there! Hint, Hint… Can’t make it to this event? Not to worry! We typically run at least one race every month, so there will be plenty more running opportunities coming your way!

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