Summer Additions: JuniorFit Camp and Stroller Bootcamp!

We have some fun additions to our schedule that we are super excited to chat about!

After countless requests, we are finally rolling out our very first kids Bootcamp! That’s right! Whether your children are aspiring athletes or the next Steve Jobs, it is apparent that our future generation needs to move more! KFIT JuniorFit Camp is the perfect answer for all ages and levels!


Class description: KFIT JuniorFit  is a fun, 45 minute class for children of all levels. We will host two classes per week over a 6 week period; KFIT Jr. Tots, programmed for ages 5-8 and KFIT Jr., programmed for ages 9-12. Our focus is to improve strength, coordination/motor skills, endurance and more, all the while making classes fun for your kids!  With increased technology, we see a major decrease in activity level at all ages. Our goal is to change this! JuniorFit Camp helps to create a strong sense of confidence, as well as foster an appreciation for the importance of exercise at a young age.  JuniorFIT will benefit the sedentary child and complement those who are presently involved in physical activities.

Pricing: 6 class packs- $50 for KFIT ParentsREGISTER HERE

6 class Pack $60 for Non KFIT Parents – REGISTER HERE

Where: KFIT Bootcamp, 30 Woodrock Road, Weymouth

When: May 19th- June 27th

Times: Tuesdays 3:45- 4:30PM  – Junior Tots ages 5-8

Saturdays 10-10:45AM – Juniors ages 9-12


Back by popular demand! Our next addition to the Summer schedule….



Class Description: KFIT Stroller Bootcamp is a 60 minutes outdoor class held at Pond Meadow Park in Weymouth. Using various equipment, this class incorporates strength stations and conditioning drills throughout the 2 mile paved loop, ending with core strengthening exercises. In one hour, you will receive a full body, fat blasting workout. Stroller is programmed for all levels of Moms, whether you are 3 months or 3 years postpartum. Classes are always scaled to your individual level! During KFIT Stroller, your little one will remain in the stroller enjoying the beautiful view and fresh air as you do all the work!

Pricing:  5 Class Pack / $75  REGISTER HERE

10 Class Pack / $140  REGISTER HERE

* MEMBERS: Included in Membership as a Class

Where: Pond Meadow Park, Weymouth Entrance

When: June 3rd- Fall

Times: Wednesday 5pm

Thursdays 9am

Saturdays 9am

*Classes are weather Pending

Email for questions and details on all classes!!

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