What to Expect at Your First Stroller Bootcamp

If you’ve never done a stroller bootcamp class before, you probably have some questions about what to expect. You might even feel a little intimidated, but please don’t! It’s a lot of fun and it’s an awesome workout for all kinds of moms. That said, read on to see what to expect at your first KFIT Stroller Bootcamp class!

stroller bootcamp


KFIT Stroller Bootcamp is a 60-minute outdoor class held at Pond Meadow Park in Weymouth. The class is great for all levels of moms– whether you are 3 months or 3 years postpartum. Classes start Wednesday, June 3rd and continue into the Fall. Class times are Wednesday at 5:00 PM, Thursdays at 9:00 AM, and Saturdays at 9:00 AM. All classes are weather permitting, so if it’s pouring and windy outside, we’ll likely cancel class. Please check the KFIT Facebook page for real-time updates!


stroller bootcamp 2


First things first: You need a durable stroller. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a jogging stroller (although those are highly recommended). It just needs to be a stroller that you can run/walk with for a solid 2 miles. Occasionally, we go “off-roading” with the strollers onto the dirt paths and into grassy areas at the park, so your stroller should be able to hold up and, of course, be safe for your child.

As far as what to wear, your usual workout gear and sneakers are recommended. Sometimes, it’s really hot and sunny at Pond Meadow Park, so be sure to wear sunblock and/or a hat and bring a bottle of water (you can carry it in your stroller). We also recommend bug spray for you and your little one because, depending on the time of day, it can get buggy.

stroller bootcamp 4

And, finally, feel free to bring drinks, snacks, and toys for your child. Most of the time, they stay entertained riding around in the stroller and watching you work out, but if they need something extra, feel free to bring it along!

stroller bootcamp 5


Classes always start with an easy warm-up. Typically, we’ll jog along the paved paths and all meet at a set point. Classes are scaled to your individual level, so it’s more than okay to go at your own pace. We’ll never leave you behind!

After that, we’ll alternate between jogging with our strollers and strength stations and conditioning drills. We use a variety of equipment (i.e.dumbbells, resistance bands) during the workout and it changes from week-to-week, so it’s never the same workout twice. We continue to go back and forth between jogging and interval stations for about 2 miles around Pond Meadow Park. The class ends with core strengthening exercises. In one hour, you will get a full-body, fat-blasting workout and have a whole lot of fun!

stroller bootcamp 3

KFIT Stroller Bootcamp is such blast– for both moms and kids– and we hope you consider trying it out. Grab your sister/mom/cousin/best friend to join you! We promise you’ll love it!

stroller bootcamp 6

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