Tips for Surviving Summer Outdoor Bootcamp

After the winter we had I’m sure we ALL will welcome the warm weather with open arms, right?











The beautiful weather also means its time to kick off outdoor classes! Outdoor is where KFIT started and it is one thing that sets us apart from other gyms. No one wants to be locked indoors during the Summer months! So we utilize the beautiful local parks to get our sweat on!


Now, during hot weather, people find it hard to maintain a workout routine. But this is no excuse  to take the Summer off! At KFIT we know how to manage classes and programming to help you get through a workout during these months, so leave that to us. But here are some tips for you to implement to keep you in safe in the heat!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!  This is important before, during and after!  Most of us focus on simply hydrating during a workout. But, it is SO important to stay hydrated throughout the day, leading up to workout, to ensure you’re not already dehydrated.  While exercising for at least an hour you want to take in a liter or more or H2O. So don’t show up with your tiny 16oz water bottle!! Bring ample water, better to have extra than not enough.  In the Summer, we SWEAT! So post workout re-hydration is imperative. Coconut water or a workout drink is best to help replace electrolytes after your done sweating.

Wear the right clothing.  Knowing what the weather is going to be like before heading out the door, whether it’s being held indoors or outdoors is key.  Light colored, loose fitting clothing, and anything that wicks moisture away from the skin.

 Outdoor elements.  Some locations are buggy!   So come prepared.  Don’t rely on the fact that someone else will have bug and/or tic spray.  That stuff is liquid gold so make sure you toss some in your car.  This also goes for Sunscreen.  You know you’re skin type better than anyone, so protect it as you would normally and with something that won’t burn your eyes when you sweat! Opt for a sport sunscreen and bug spray.

 Be over prepared.  If you know you sweat on a normal day maybe bring a little cooler with ice and a towel in it to help you cool down.  Or an extra bottle of H2O just to dump on your head and cool down.  A protein bar or shake.  Extra clothes if you need.  Maybe a pair of flip flops to throw on afterward.  Even if you never use the extra stuff.  Wouldn’t you rather be over prepared than under?  I know I would.

And lastly, listen to your body.  Use good judgment.  You know your body better than anyone.  You can’t expect to push your body to its limits on a hot day as you would on a nice cool fall day.  So if that means taking a few extra rests, or stopping more than normal, that’s OK, we won’t yell at you.  So let’s kick off the summer workout season on the right foot!

What are some things you do to prepare yourself for warm weather workouts?


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