Healthy, Kid-Friendly Foods from Trader Joe’s

My son, Quinn, recently turn one years old and, all of a sudden, he turned into a picky eater. Prior to his first birthday, he would eat just about anything we put in front of him. Steamed broccoli? Loved it. Banana slices? He couldn’t get enough. But now it’s a struggle to get anything remotely nutritious into him. (I swear this kid would survive solely on mac & cheese if we would let him!)

Even still, we’re not about to give up on raising a healthy eater, so we’re constantly trying new foods with him. Some of them are still losers in his book, but some of them he actually likes. Yay! And many of these foods are ones that I find at Trader Joe’s, which I know is a place that many of us frequent. So, for the moms out there (and really anyone who just wants to try some new, healthy foods), here are some kid-friendly options from Trader Joe’s that my little guy enjoys and your kids might too!

healthy kid-friendly foods from Trader Joe's

Sweet Potato Gnocchi – Quinn gobbles up the sweet potato gnocchi from Trader Joe’s! They’re made with nutritious sweet potato, but they taste just like pasta, which is one of his favorite foods. The size is also great for little fingers. Quinn pops them right into his mouth!

Broccoli Slaw – The broccoli slaw at Trader Joe’s is made from organic broccoli and carrots (yay, vegetables!), which might not sound too exciting to a kid, but we mix ours with Quinn’s favorite kind of salad dressing (ranch, Cesar) or cottage cheese, which he is obsessed with. The recipe on the back of the package also suggests adding dried cranberries, diced apples, and walnuts, which is another delicious (and nutritious!) combo for kids!

Apple Carrot Crushers – Quinn LOVES these things, even more than the usual fruit and veggie pouches that you see at the grocery store. Trader Joe’s sells three flavors (apple + banana, apple + strawberry, and apple + carrot), and Quinn likes them all. They’re a great snack and travel well, so I always carry at least one with me when we’re out and about. These “Crushers” are such an easy way to add nutrients to your little one’s diet.

Tofu Edamame Nuggets – Just about every kid likes chicken nuggets, but these Tofu Edamame Nuggets offer a healthier alternative. Made with tofu, edamame, onion, and carrots, they’re loaded with protein (11 grams per serving) as well as vitamin A (10% DV) and iron (8% DV). They’re great for a quick “adult” dinner too!

Chunky Guacamole – Guacamole is such a great way to add some healthy fats to your child’s diet and this one from Trader Joe’s is mixed with Greek yogurt, so they’ll get some added protein and calcium, which are both important for growing bodies. Quinn usually has this guacamole all over him by the end of the meal, but, hey, he’s eating it, right?

Veggie Chips – Ok, so most “veggie” chips aren’t all that healthy, but Quinn loves these ones and eats them pretty much daily, so I thought I’d tell you guys about them. They’re made with potatoes, which are a good source of vitamin C, so they have 6% DV per serving, which isn’t too shabby for a potato chip.

Moms, what healthy foods do your kids like to eat? 

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