Non Pinterest Worthy Meals

Well Helloooooo, Coach Kerrie here and I have some SUPER EXCITING food ideas for you.

Thats a lie…

I was thinking, my food post have been non-existent. Reason being, I don’t really cook much in the Summer. Like fancy pants Pinterest worthy meals. Who the hell am I kidding…I don’t really cook like that ever. BUT, it got me thinking, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share my meals with you. Just because they aren’t magazine worthy, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from the ideas. You see, most of my meals are really really simple.  And my biggest complaints from clients is that they just don’t know what the hell to eat. So a brilliant idea hit me (lucky for you I still have a few brain cells hanging on despite the amount of wine I’ve consumed this Summer).  I’m going to add this section–> SUPER SIMPLE MEAL IDEAS onto our Recipe Page. These will consist of easy, not-so-pretty, healthy ideas for meals, that are in my regular rotation and often what I provide my Nutrition Clients with.  I may even steal some of the ideas you share over on our Clean Eats Page. Sound good?

I also want to help you get your ass back into life mode. I think everyone had a really fun Summer. Maybe a little too much?  MjAxMi1lZjdiMjY2Nzg0ZDdjNGI4







A simple little challenge I’m doing with myself, is just trying to add more color to my diet. Pretty simple right? Lots of added fruits and veggies with every single meal. That’s it. A Taste the Rainbow Challenge if you will. Just not the skittles rainbow.

Any who, lets move on to meals.

The biggest thing that we try to get across the mucus membrane that encompasses your  brain is this: YOU GOT TO KEEP IT SIMPLE. Say it again without me.

A Few Tips to Keeping It Simple

First, let’ chat prep. Meal prep does not need to take up your  Football Fundays. You got to learn to dumb it down. A lot. I always always always have a quick accessible protein and starch/carb for the week. This typically requires about 30 minutes of prep some day that ends in y.

  1. When in doubt, prep a meat and a starch.

Use these  items to make various meals with a little twist throughout the week. This week was a turkey loin tossed in the Crock Pot and roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash.20150831_144358















Fun Fact: Butt squash got its name from being a royal pain in the butt to chop. #nowyouknow

2)Keep these items fairly plain.

Instead of a BBQ shredded chicken, do a plain shredded chicken. That way you can add BBQ one day, buffalo the next and top it on a pizza another day. This keep things easy, but not boring. It also helps make everyone with varying taste buds in the house happy.

3)Purchase ONE versatile pre-cut veg to toss in eggrethang. It saves  time which allows you to live your life which is priceless. I mix it up each week with Frozen veggies too, but I’m always sure to have at least one fresh option.
















4)Find an appealing topper.

Find something that will spice up your  meals in a healthy way. This actually saves you from having to be a good cook OR prep. They already have the delicious seasoning, chopped veggies and herbs, so you just need to plop it in <-culinary term.  Some of my favorite pics are Stop and Shops: salsa and guacamole combo, mango salsa, black bean salsa and brushetta. Hot sauce, pesto, fresh grated parm, feta cheese salt free dry rubs are also on my list of daily uses. Trader Joes has lots of good options to add to meats and fish.

Cod Brushetta20150824_200311

5) Concoct meals with Keep It Simple tips

All of the above gets tossed into almost every meal in some way.

Breakfast Scrammble..lots of color:)20150901_100304

Shredded Turkey  and Black Bean Mango Salsa bowl


Sausage Pepper, Sweet Potato & Squash Bowl20150824_131518 (1)

















Ground Turkey Fajita Salsa and Guac Bowl


Hope theses tips help you make meal prep a bit less daunting! They will be over on our Recipe Page for reference!

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