Fall Race Season!

Hello lady loves! Summer is officially coming to an end (insert slow tear)… The end of the summer is so bittersweet, especially this year. I really felt like it was just May yesterday, but fall is truly one of the best seasons! We all tend to drop off in one way or another during the summer, whether it is skipping workouts or just letting ourselves eat/drink anything and everything! The great thing about fall is we can get back into a routine… Kids are back in school, less vacations are scheduled, and we’re just ready to buckle down after 3 awesome months in the sand and sun!

What’s another awesome thing about fall? It is the BEST running weather. Seriously, low humidity and cooler temps is the best for running. And fortunately for you Kfitters, we have a lot of races on the schedule for this fall! You’re welcome!

Upcoming Races

September 19th – Tanner Run (registration is closed for this race.)image

September 26thWeymouth Shoreline Run

The Weymouth Shoreline Run doesn’t get any more scenic. Running along the ocean? Views of the skyline? Yes, please! Plus, the proceeds from this race go directly to Weymouth parks.

October 4thOktoberfest Cambridge

The C5K series is a GREAT time. Lots of free beer and food post-race. KFIT has not done Oktoberfest before, but we did the Yulefest race which is run by the same people and let me tell you, it was the BEST DAY EVERRR!

October 17thRunning Scared Weymouth

This is a great local, kid-friendly race that starts at St. Jeromes in North Weymouth. It is challenging with some serious hills. Costumes encouraged!


November 26th (Thanksgiving Day) – Dreamcatcher

This is officially KFIT’s first road race ever and basically a requirement for all KFitters… ok, you don’t have to do it but we would love for you to join us Thanksgiving morning for this race. It starts right around the corner from KFIT and there is a 2 mile or a 5 mile option!


Look how much fun the 2 Colleens are having at the Dreamcatcher Road Race!!!

Look how much fun the 2 Colleens are having at the Dreamcatcher Road Race!!

December 13thYulefest

Another Cambridge C5K race. They have some awesome swag and the best after-party ever. Highly recommend this race for newbies or vets, especially if you love epic dance parties!


Road races are a really fun way to get to know your fellow KFitters outside of the gym. We have an awesome support system at KFIT and whether it’s your first race or you’re a race vet, we’ll be standing at the finish line to cheer you on! And we always have the best time together post-race! If you’ve never done a road race with KFIT, we really encourage you to sign up for one race this fall!

Are you new to running? Check out these running tips!

As always, be sure to check the members page for upcoming road races and KFIT events!

Do you know of any upcoming, local, fun road races? Post them to the KFIT Runner’s Group!

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